Factsheets: Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)

Malte Meinshausen from the Climate & Energy College, The University of Melbourne and others made available factsheets for all currently submitted Climate Action Plans. They are based on a composite data set created in the PRIMAP group. See the INDC factsheet homepage for all details.
Data is shown excluding land-use and land-use change emissions.
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Note that both EU and EU member states are included in the ranking.
Factsheets version: 13th May 2016


Country Name Rank of worldwide emissions Share of worldwide emissions Per-capita emissions (CO₂eq) Per-capita reduction 2010-2030
2010 2030 2010 2030 2010 2030

Groups and International Transport

Country Name Share of worldwide emissions 2010 Share of worldwide emissions 2030 Per-capita 2010 emissions (CO₂eq) Per-capita 2030 emissions (CO₂eq) Per-capita reduction from 2010 to 2030