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Summer School Objectives

Earth system science naturally cuts across traditional boundaries between scientific disciplines. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly clear that the most crucial drivers of Earth system dynamics are the interactions between, rather than within, its component systems (i.e. ocean, atmosphere, land, and human). Therefore, traditional training structures, mostly tied to single-discipline University departments and highly focussed research laboratories, are largely failing to produce the highly interdisciplinary, multi-skilled young scientists that will be needed to address the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

The interdisciplinary skills required to address these scientific challenges are also becoming increasingly important in other sectors such as policy (government, NGOs, the media) and business, where there is an acute need for understanding of environmental change, its causes, consequences, and interrelationships, including socio-economic feedbacks.

The programme of the GREENCYCLESII Summer School is based, for most days, on two talks in the morning, working group time and an 'aperitif talk' in the late afternoon before dinner. All talks leave time for discussions and questions. Speakers usually stay for some days in Peyresq in order to allow informal discussions to go on, sometimes even late at night. Working groups concentrate on topics selected from the overall field of Earth System Modelling. A field trip provides in-depth knowledge about ecosystem flux measurements at the CNRS site St Michel l'Observatoire. Naturally, there are also opportunities to relax in the beautiful village of Peyresq and its surroundings.


In the plenary in Peyresq (Photo: Sabine Lütkemeier)


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