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"Which Future?!" and "Schimmelreiter": Climate research on stage

02/10/2018 - What if Italy would exit the Euro and the currency would collapse? What if there were no money at the ATMs, due to a new banking crisis? What if there were a migration crisis? What if there were sudden and extreme climate changes? Questions like theses are discussed in the new play "Let Them Eat Money. Welche Zukunft?!" (Which Future?!) that just premiered at the Deutsche Theater in Berlin.
"Which Future?!" and "Schimmelreiter": Climate research on stage

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The play was preceded a two year participative research and theater project involving experts and audiences, directed by Andreas Veiel. Scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) like Jascha Lehmann, Marlene Kretschmer, Kai Kornhuber and Sonja Molnos led a workhop on future scenarios and extreme weather events as part of a "new normal" in climate change.

In the production of the „Schimmelreiter“ by Theodor Storm directed by David Czensienski at the Theater an der Parkaue, Junges Staatstheater Berlin, the dykes in the North of Friesland/Germany are in the center of the story of Hauke Haien, who wants to invent a new and improved dyke to save his home region from rising waters. The actors of the "Schimmelreiter" visited PIK at the beginning of their rehearsals to learn about sea-level rise and exchange thoughts with PIK scientist Ronja Reese and with Margret Boysen, who runs the Artist in Residence Programme at PIK. The play about people and nature, progress versus conservation premieres now as well.

Weblink to the play „Let Them Eat Money. Welche Zukunft?!“ in Deutsches Theater Berlin:

Weblink to the project site „Welche Zukunft?!“:

Video to a future scenarios lab with scientists and participants:

Weblink to the play„Schimmelreiter“ at the Theater an der Parkaue Berlin:

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