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Total E-Quality - PIK awarded for equal opportunities

11/15/2016 - The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) again received the award "Total E-Quality". The award is granted for a period of three years to companies, scientific institutions and administrations for exemplary personnel management in terms of equal opportunities. PIK has now received the award for the third time.
Total E-Quality - PIK awarded for equal opportunities


The jury acknowledges a successful equality policy at the institute. "Especially regarding the balance of work and family life, regarding the organizational culture and the manner in which equality policy is institutionalized at PIK, there are a multitude of well developed practices," the jury motivation says. The panel highlights the excellent childcare and the handling of employees whose funding expires during maternity leave or parental leave. "The title again documents the success of our strategy for equality and shows we are taking this very seriously," says Christine von Bloh, Equal Opportunities Officer at PIK. "We are delighted to receive the award, which also serves as further motivation on our continuing path towards gender equality."

Total E-Quality stands for Total Quality Management (TQM), with the addition of the gender component (Equality). The award is given not just for promoting equal opportunities for both genders, but for exemplary activities in terms of human resource management, the reconciliation of work and family life and the promotion of fair behaviour at the workplace as part of the institute's objectives.

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