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PIK experts at the intersessional climate conference in Bonn

11/05/2018 - In the run-up to this year´s UN climate conference in Katowice in Poland, about 3000 experts and observers met in Bonn to discuss how to implement the Paris Agreement which is to enter into force in 2020. Two key elements of these “intersessionals” were the progress in advancing the Paris Agreement “rulebook”, and the initial in-person phase of the Talanoa dialogue that was introduced at COP23 last year. Several scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) took part in various meetings and presentations in Bonn.
PIK experts at the intersessional climate conference in Bonn

Katja Frieler at the joint Science Hour of Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom. (Photo: Friedemann Call, DLR)

Elmar Kriegler talked about the outcomes of global and national-level scenarios on current policies and emission pathways consistent with the 2° and 1.5° guardrails at a “Modelling meets Policy” event with representatives of the European Commission. Together with Katja Frieler he also held presentations at a research dialogue and other side events. Frieler as well as Jessica Strefler participated in an event on “Emerging science on 1.5°C global warming at the science policy interface”, jointly organized by the United Kingdom, Norway and Germany. Claudia Meintzinger was in Bonn to represent the PIK project EPICC at meetings of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building, other scientists like Robert Gieseke, Michael Pahle or Annika Günther attended the conference as well. There will be another intersessional climate conference in Bangkok later this year, as further negotiations are needed to finalize the Paris rulebook at COP24 this year.

Weblink: UNFCCC summary of the climate talks

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