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New Artist in Residence: Amy Howden-Chapman

09/29/2016 - From sea-level rise to the "cultural costs of climate change" - Amy Howden-Chapman from New Zealand ist this year's guest artist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). Since 2011, PIK's "Artist in Residence" program is realized in cooperation with the Artists in Berlin program of DAAD and since 2015 also in close collaboration with the City of Potsdam.
New Artist in Residence: Amy Howden-Chapman

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„Being at PIK is giving me the feeling that we are at the brink of implementing real solutions for the climate crisis. We have the knowledge, now it’s up to me as an artist to help convey the complexity of the issue as well as hope," says Howden-Chapman. Her work is about the perception of invisible things and things that can only be witnessed in the past or the future. Like climate change - a topic she picks up with great sensitivy in her video on Walden Pond, a location referred to with adoration by fans of the US American writer Henry David Thoreau.

Next to text and audiovisual forms of expression Howden-Chapman also works with political statemtents in her art: In her performance "You can't unring a bell" for instance, she marks the risk of sea-level rise in the affected areas in the city of Wellington with the ringing of bells.

Since the beginning of September she is working on projects like a dictionary on art and climate change as well as on the yearly magazine published by the artists's platform "The Distance Plan", with the aim to foster discussion and dialogue on climate change in culture and art communities.

Amy Howden-Chapman presents her work in the exhibition Vocabulary / Infrastructure / Present in Potsdam from October 1st to November 6th.

On Wednesday, October 5th, she will discuss with Anders Levermann from PIK about climate change in the context of art and science in a public artist talk.

Einladung Künstlergespräch Howden-Chapman Levermann

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