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Getting connected: PhD-Day at the Potsdam-Institute

06/03/2015 - From social networks for scientists and copyright issues and to visualization tools in climate research or dealing with climate skepticism – topics like these were discussed recently by young scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research at their annual meeting. The PhD-Day offers the opportunity for doctoral candidates to get together, share experiences and for further education in different science related fields. The theme of this year’s meeting was “getting connected”.
Getting connected: PhD-Day at the Potsdam-Institute

A workshop at the PhD-Day. Photo: PIK

“PhD students play a vital role in our research and are an integral element of the Potsdam Institute’s scientific culture,” says Ingo Bräuer, head of PIK’s science coordination. About 90 students from 16 countries are currently working at the Potsdam Institute on their doctoral thesis. 

"For the first time the PhD-Day included also a sparkler session, with several brief one-slide-introductions of research the young scientists are working on, to foster networking and collaboration among the doctoral projects," adds Christine von Bloh, who takes care of PIK's PhD Programme. Other talks and workshop topics ranged from information on PIK developments to practical tips for the doctoral thesis, parallel programming, debating techniques and the communication of scientific results to the media. 

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