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G20 policy brief on sustainable agriculture and ending hunger

03/31/2017 - In a policy brief for the G20, an expert group urges the governments of the world's leading economies to track progress on the state of food security and, based on this, to scale investment opportunities and target their interventions. Hermann Lotze-Campen, head of the research domain Climate Impacts and Vulnerabilities at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, contributed to this report which is part of the Think Tank 20 (T20) process under Germany’s G20 presidency.

"Currently, few countries target investments, technical assistance, capacity building and policy support in a data-driven way," say the authors. "The G20 could develop such a methodology and identify priority countries and intervention points where additional investments and international assistance could have a transformative impact."

Food security will largely depend on individual government efforts in each country, but the international community can support these national efforts in four ways, the experts argue: (1) G20 members can collectively help integrate global food markets and make them function more efficiently; (2) the G20 can still do more to invest in agricultural research, extension, and data systems, especially in and for developing countries themselves; (3) the G20 should take the lead in reshaping the global food system to sustainably deliver on food security, nutrition, climate and other development goals, recognizing the implications of the growing demand for animal sourced food; (4) the G20 should make the targeting of investments in agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forests, by country, a central theme.

The G20 countries account for about 75 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and generate more than 80 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.

Weblink to the policy brief "Targeting G20 Investments":

Weblink to more policy briefs by the working group towards sustainable agriculture and ending hunger:

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