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Corona crisis: PIK switches to home office

13.03.2020 - To help containing the Corona epidemic, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research introduces mandatory home office work for all employees except those whose work cannot be done by remote access. All events and meetings are cancelled and no business trips are allowed. This is not an easy step, said PIK's Directors Ottmar Edenhofer and Johan Rockström. "Yet precaution is the overall guiding principle," the Directors highlight in a message to the whole staff.
Corona crisis: PIK switches to home office

PIK Directors Ottmar Edenhofer and Johan Rockström. Photo: PIK

"This is a time to show solidarity with those people who are at risk of getting seriously ill; limiting the probability of rapid infection rate growth is key," the Directors argue. "We thus have to reduce the number of social contacts for a certain time, even though this is against our instincts as members of a research institution for which cooperation and interpersonal exchange are of the essence. Yet we have to resort now to electronic means as far as we can. If we act coordinated and swiftly, we can avoid human hardship."

Important events such as the Nobel Laureates' Symposium in Washington D.C., organized by PIK together with the US National Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Foundation, as well as the Berlin Long Night of Sciences had been postponed or cancelled even before. Berlin and other Bundesländer will soon close all schools. Universities such as Humboldt Universität have been postponing the start of the lecture period. PIK will keep its friends and partners updated.

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