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„Two Big Bangs“: PIK Research Days

02/04/2015 - Current and future research projects have been debated at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research last week – while also looking back at outstanding events of last year. The Research Days each year are a meeting of virtually all members of the institute, two days packed with lectures and discussions. This time topics ranged from the next world climate summit in Paris at the end of this year, to advancing computer simulation models of the climate system as well as the energy sector, something to achieve until the end of this decade.
„Two Big Bangs“: PIK Research Days

Lively debate at the 2015 PIK Research Days with all institute members. In front: director Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. Photo: PIK

“We’re seeing two Big Bangs,” said PIK’s director Hans Joachim Schellnhuber: the so-called Integrated Assessment Models – computer simulations to comprehensively assess interactions between climate policy, energy systems, and society – are to be brought to a new level of quality (PIAM, Potsdam Integrated Assessment Modelling framework). And at the same time, PIK aims to advance Earth System modelling through coupling existing simulations (POEM, Potsdam Earth Model). Schellnhuber appeared highly pleased with the lectures and lively debate.

“The last year was extraordinary,” said Schellnhuber in his report to the members of the institute. PIK was very successfully evaluated by a team of international experts. More importantly, the global as well as national heat record 2014 underlined how pressing the issue of climate change is. “This shows that the most important years of PIK are still ahead,” said Schellnhuber. “It is because we understand better and better the past and present of our climate, that we feel we have a duty to speak out about the future."


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