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Athens: Schellnhuber appointed member of Plato‘s Academy

10/12/2019 – The very word academia derives from a borough in ancient Athens, where Plato gathered his students already in 400 BCE. The heir to Plato’s Academy more than 2,000 years later is Greece’s highest scientific institution, the renowned Academy of Athens. PIK Director Emeritus Hans Joachim Schellnhuber has now been appointed to the honourable circle for his outstanding achievements in climate science.

“Being able to uphold the extraordinary tradition and history of Plato’s Academy is a true honour for me. And indeed how else could we further our world’s fate than by standing on the shoulders of giants?” Schellnhuber says to his appointment. For the entrance ceremony taking place today in Athens, Prof Schellnhuber will give a speech on his area of expertise. Tenure in the academy is for life.

The esteemed members come from the sciences, humanities and arts. Besides informing the Greek government on scientific and cultural matters, the Academy’s activities include awarding outstanding works of scientists and intellectuals as well as the publication of the Transaction (Praktika), monographs and other scientific journals and books. Schellnhuber is also a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

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