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Climate game successfully crowdfunded

09/18/2013 - The crowdfunding campaign for a new edition of the climate board game KEEP COOL has been closed successfully. 353 supporters paid altogether more than 13,000 Euros into the platform Startnext. Thanks to its fans, the game will be available again for schools and universities, organisations and private players in November 2013.
Climate game successfully crowdfunded

Keep Cool - gambling with the climate

The climate game that was developed by Klaus Eisenack, Professor for Environment and Development Economy at the University Oldenburg and Gerhard Petschel-Held of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) is not only entertaining but also imparts knowledge about basic correlations of climate change and climate policy. Hence, it is a good instrument for sustainability and science communication. At each turn players have to decide between joint climate protection and self-interest. The risk: droughts, floods and health pandemics. The chance: welfare and keeping a stable global climate.

Since KEEP COOL is sold out but the demand is still strong, a crowdfunding campaign was initiated. Already well before the end of its duration, the funding threshold of 10,000 Euros was exceeded. The funding of KEEP COOL is the third most successful among all games of Startnext. Startnext is the largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects in the German-speaking area.

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