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New faces in Board of Trustees and Scientific Advisory Board

01/29/2013 - The two supervisory bodies of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research both show a new line-up in 2013. The head of the executive board of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), Hildegard Müller, is now a member of the board of trustees. “Climate research provides central insights for sustainable climate protection,” Müller says. “PIK has delivered important scientific contributions for years. The German Energy and Water Industries are committed to climate protection. They are holding to the goal they already adopted in 2009, to ensure a CO2 neutral energy supply by 2050, and hence to unite sustainable climate protection with affordable energy supply. They support the goals of the German energy system transformation.”
New faces in Board of Trustees and Scientific Advisory Board

Hildegard Müller, BDEW, and Dorothea Kübler, WZB (upper row from left to right), Katherine Richardson, SSC Kopenhagen, and Heide Hackmann, ISSC (below, from left to right).

PIK director Hans Joachim Schellnhuber said it was exceptionally pleasing that Hildegard Müller accepted the position. “The sector she represents includes more than 1800 enterprises and  is of crucial significance for the great transformation towards sustainability. Hildegard Müller as our counterpart is also in regard to her personality of outstanding importance for us.”

There have been three new appointments to the Scientific Advisory Board – all of them women. Katherine Richardson of the University of Copenhagen brings her experience as chair of their Sustainability Science Center as well as a biologist and oceanographer. Heide Hackmann, executive director of the International Social Science Council (ISSC) in Paris is engaged intensively with science and technology politics both as a scientist and a practitioner. Dorothea Kübler who is the director of the department “Behaviour in markets” of the Social Science Research Center Berlin and a professor for experimental economic research has economic expertise. All three of them thereby strengthen the interdisciplinary profile also of the Scientific Advisory Board in an outstanding way.

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