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PIK ranked amongst top environmental think tanks

01/20/2012 – The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research again has been ranked amongst the top environmental think tanks worldwide. In the 2011 survey now published, it has been placed on the fourth rank – slightly improving from a fifth rank in the year before and a seventh rank in 2009. The winner in this research area is the Pew Center on Global Change in the US. Approximately 5300 think tanks in different categories participated in this ranking.
PIK ranked amongst top environmental think tanks

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The placement is based on criteria like the impact of a think tank's work on societal change and the publications in peer-reviewed journals. Some 1500 experts from the media, donors and the scientific community contributed to the process, according to James McGann from the University of Pennsylvania who is the organizer. A panel of over 250 experts from around the world, across the political spectrum and from every discipline and sector, helped nominate and select public policy research centers of excellence. Having started six years ago, this ranking has become a point of reference in the world of think tanks.

Link to the Ranking (results for the environmental sector on page 45)

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