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Detlef Sprinz appointed professor at Potsdam University

05/13/2011 - Detlef Sprinz, senior scientist with the research domain “Transdisciplinary Concepts and Methods” of PIK, has been appointed to be professor at Potsdam University recently.

“The appointment strengthens the engagement of independent research with university teaching in the long term”, says Sprinz, “especially the enhancement of the domains Innovation & Sustainability and the GeoGovernance approach at Potsdam-University that aim for a more comprehensive interaction of natural and socio-scientific expertise.” Efficient clusters of research and teaching are merged to concentrate the research pursued in the Potsdam area.

The political scientist and economist focusses on international environmental policies, climate policies and especially the challenges of long term political strategies. He is specifically interested in what institutional options for credible long term policies can be developed and how they can be implemented. Sprinz is also chairman of the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen where he coordinates scientific expertise at the interface of politics and science.

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