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Climate scientist writes for children, and other new books

12/30/2011 – Several intriguing books have been published by scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) this year. The probably most unusual one is by Stefan Rahmstorf, co-chair of the Earth System Analysis research domain: He wrote a book on climate and weather for children. Other books cover topics ranging from extreme events to China to religion – to name just a few.
Climate scientist writes for children, and other new books

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“Clouds, wind and weather” is the title of Rahmstorf’s book. The scientist took great effort to explain these phenomena, all linked to climate research, to children – quite unusual for someone normally publishing in scientific journals. The German Federal Minister of Science, Annette Schavan, chose it for reading to pupils on the National Reading Day in November. It received praise by “Die Zeit” and other media.

Disruptive events and trends in climate and hydrology are at the centre of “In Extremis”, co-edited by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, director of PIK, and Jürgen Kropp, head of PIK’s North-South Project. Numerous authors explore issues like – and these are just two chapters - climate risk analysis or intense precipitation and high floods observations and projections.

China is facing many challenges but perhaps none is more pressing than that posed by climate change. “The economics of climate change in China”, a book co-edited by Ottmar Edenhofer, chair of PIK’s research domain Sustainable Solutions, makes the compelling case that a transition to a low-carbon economy is an essential part of China's development and modernisation. It has been selected for the Cambridge University’s top 40 sustainability books.

“Growth – where to?” is the question posed by Carlo Jaeger in a book of this title. He is  co-chair of PIK’s research domain Transdisciplinary Concepts and Methods. His essay on green growth is, in his words, “a short history of the 21st century”. It is part of the publications of the German Council for Sustainable Development, established by the German government.

A book on how religion affects, for better or worse, the international climate change discourse has been co-edited by Dieter Gerten. This is part of PIK’s research domain Climate Impacts and Vulnerabilities´ work on the dynamics of socio-ecological systems. One example for this is the strong influence of religion on US climate policy. The book also covers how indigenous and world religions are transformed by actual climate change and climate change projections.


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