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“Both sides benefit”: Chinese-German summer school

08/29/2011 - Together with climate scientists from Beijing, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) invited participants from Germany and China to take part in a summer school. The main focus is on water management in the light of climate change – a pressing issue in many Chinese river regions. On the Chinese side, the National Climate Centre is the academic partner, being the central institution doing research in this field. More than 40 students from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University, the University of Frankfurt, the Bundeswehr University Munich and other institutions are taking part in the ten-day event.
“Both sides benefit”: Chinese-German summer school

Low water level at Guanting reservoir. Photo: PIK

“Both sides benefit,” says Frank Wechsung of PIK, one of the project leaders. “We can test our most recent computer models on their ability to produce climate simulations for another country – and our Chinese partners can complement their own computer simulations of complex processes in nature with some German models.” This cooperation also opens new insights for German researchers into adaptation options in China, Wechsung says. “We improve our understanding on the societal backgrounds to water management, which can be decisive for the scale of climate impacts.”

Such a collaboration across political systems and national cultures is “even in today’s globalized world by no means a matter of course”, says Wechsung. It expresses mutual trust developed over time. For some years, PIK has been working with Chinese scientists and local government representatives in the Guanting river basin. This year a project started on the sustainable management of river oases along the Tarim river, which runs largely through desert regions (SuMaRiO).


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