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Fairplay in Climate Protection

11/14/2008 - A policy paper of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) discusses central pillars of a future international climate policy, especially considering equity implications of climate change. The paper was presented at the international high-level conference “A Global Contract Based on Climate Justice – The Need for a New Approach Concerning International Relations” 11 November in Brussels. The conference was organised by Members of the European Parliament, the Ecosocial Forum Europe and the Potsdam Institute. Among the more than 500 hundred participants were Stavros Dimas, EU Commissioner for the Environment, Lord Nicholas Stern, and Gunilla Carlsson, the Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation.
Fairplay in Climate Protection

The Global Contract on Climate Change should embrace four major components: a global carbon market, technology, action for reducing deforestation, and adaptation.

In view of a post-2012 agreement, a new international climate policy architecture is needed. In addition to a Copenhagen agreement in 2009, a set of additional harmonised international treaties may be required to establish a comprehensive framework. The challenge is to considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a way that supports the economic development of both developing and industrialised countries.

The policy paper addresses this problem by proposing four key elements of a Global Contract, by which regional efforts on climate protection would be coordinated: setup of a global carbon market, fostering of development of low carbon technologies, mechanisms for reducing deforestation, and measures for adaptation to unavoidable climate change. In the context of the scientific knowledge on the costs of mitigating emissions and the impacts of global warming, especially of activating so called tipping points in the earth‘s system, ways to implement these mechanisms are discussed, as well as potential conflicts and barriers. Aspects of climate equity are especially considered.


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