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The journal "Regional Environmental Change", edited at PIK, is now registered by ISI

Primary research findings in the environmental sciences are now better represented in the peer-reviewed literature, because the Springer journal "Regional Environmental Change" (REC), edited by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, is now fully registered by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), the leading indexing service for scientific publications.

REC, under its chief editor Wolfgang Cramer, has been publishing approx. 200 pages in four issues for six years, covering a wide range of topics. The journal focuses on the interactions between human and natural systems at the regional level, within the context of global change, vulnerability, and sustainable development. The regional scope allows us to be specific in the analysis of interactions between society and the environment.

Articles in scientific journals, registered by ISI, can be be found more easily by researchers all over the world, and it is possible to measure their "impact" through their citations by other studies.

Regional Environmental Change invites scientists to submit primary research papers for publication through a dedicated website (, where they will be assessed by an international board of editors and numerous reviewers around the world. The editor Prof. Wolfgang Cramer and the Editorial Office assistant Gabriele Dress are ready to provide additional information on request.

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