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Climate change and the German election campaign

Hurricane Irma hit the US state of Florida this weekend. At the same time, climate change seems to be no issue along the German election campaign. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research issued a statement on these topics by its Director Hans Joachim Schellnhuber:
Climate change and the German election campaign

German federal elections will be on September 24. Photo: Thinkstock

“The year 2017 has bitterly shown us why science has been warning of a climate chaos for years: The elements of fire, water, and air are now turning against us, because we are destabilising the planet. Harvey and Irma have many raging siblings waiting to afflict humankind. And the Sahara could even spread as far as to Andalusia and Sicily in this century.

“Even though politics in Germany – in contrast to US politics – do not officially deny human-made climate change, the issue is almost completely disregarded in the current election campaign. On the contrary, unnecessary commitments to outdated business models accumulate – such as diesel drive, coal electricity, industrial agriculture – which block climate protection for a safe tomorrow and would not be competitive without subsidies. Instead of combusting enormous sums for a deadlock, the next federal government should invest vastly in the sustainable modernisation of our society.”

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