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Equal Opportunities

E-Quality.pngEqual opportunities are an important element of PIK’s strategic decisions and applied scientific culture. Moreover, PIK regards its diversity of employees with respect to gender, ethnic and social background, sexual orientation, religion and philosophy, age, physical and mental capacities as a chance to achieve an inspiring and productive overall atmosphere.

Of the total number of employees, 43 % (31-12-2015) are women. PIK has maintained this high percentage for years. Women account for 40% of the PhD students and 32% of postdocs. The institutional reorganization in 2011 was used to promote women to senior positions in each research domain, with an overall quota of 21 %. Nevertheless, women are still underrepresented in higher salary grades. For this reason, PIK endeavors to support women on the way to an appointed professorship. A special indicator of the family-friendliness of PIK is the evolution of the number of employees making use of parental leave: 10 women and 1 men chose this option in 2015.

Total-E-Quality-Christine.jpgPIK has had an equal opportunities officer (EOO) and a deputy since 2006. Since 2010, Dr. Christine von Bloh is acting as EOO and can dedicate 25% of her working time to this function. The EOO is assigned to the Director’s Office and has a budget for training and further education.

PIK developed an Equality Concept for the years 2013 – 2015, which embodies the equal opportunities policy of PIK. The document determines equality goals and sets out quality management procedures to monitor the state of implementation. On the basis of the achievements and this concept, PIK received the TOTAL E-QUALITY award 2013 for the second time. The jury praised PIK’s “new way of promoting young scientists and a new strategy for attaining a professorship – a difficult test and a big chance at the same time”.

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Equal opportunities officer:
Christine von Bloh

Phone: +49 331 288 2659

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Equality Concept