Dr. Eva Schmid


Eva Schmid

Dr. Eva Schmid is no longer working at PIK. Since April 2017 she works with Germanwatch e.V. - please contact her here.



Since July 2012  Eva Schmid holds a Post-Doc position in the group Energy Strategies Europe and Germany and is responsible for the group's energy system modeling activities.

Please find her publications here. Please find her CV here.

Her current research focus lies on the development and analysis of consistent transformation strategies for the German and European electricity system that are on the one hand based on formal energy system modeling and on the other hand embrace the perspectives of actors, institutions and technologies so as to address the question of how to implement the transition towards a low-carbon economy. In this context, she is particularly interested in the electricity infrastructure requirements needed for the energy transition and the impact of this infrastructure on the design of a centralized or a more decentralized energy system of the future. This research is embedded in the project de.zentral, which aims to better understand technologically and institutionally consistent energy strategies for the German Energiewende.

Between 2009 and 2012, Eva Schmid completed her PhD thesis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. During her PhD project, she developed an energy system model for Germany (REMIND-D) that was applied in the research project "Engaging Civil Society in Low-Carbon Scenarios" to develop participatory mitigation scenarios for Germany. She holds a MSc in Econometrics and a BSc in International Business from Maastricht University.