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Niklas Roming

PortraitNiklas Roming

PhD Candidate

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Telegrafenberg A 51
14473 Potsdam (Germany)


Niklas Roming received his diploma in economics from the University of Hohenheim and is a PhD candidate at PIK since 2012. He contributes to the further refinement of modelling macroeconomic relationships in the REMIND integrated assessment model. His special interest lies in in econometric analysis of the historical interplay between economic development, structural composition of economies and energy demand.

work in progress

Leimbach, M. Roming, N, Schultes, A, Schwerhoff, G. Development perspectives of Sub-Saharan Africa under climate policies. Working paper

Roming, N, Leimbach, M. Econometric forecasting of final energy demand using in-sample and out-of-sample model selection criteria. Working paper

Leimbach, M, Kriegler, E, Roming, N, Schwanitz, J. Future growth patterns of world regions ‐ a GDP scenario approach, accepted by Global Environmental Change. Working paper

Roming, N. A new stylized fact on the relationship of economic growth and structure


Luderer,G, Leimbach, M, Bauer, N, Kriegler, E , Aboumahboub, Curras, T A, Baumstark, L, Bertram, C, Giannousakis, A, Hilaire, J, Klein, D, Mouratiadou, I,  Pietzcker, R, Piontek, F, Roming, N,  Schultes, A, Schwanitz, V J, Strefler, S. Description of the REMIND model (Version 1.5). pdf

Pehnt, M, Roming, N. Energienachhaltigkeit durch Energieeinsparung: Fragen der Systemanalyse an die Sozialwissenschaften, in: Schweizer-Ries, P, Hildebrand, J, Rau,I. (Eds.), Klimaschutz und Energienachhaltigkeit: Die Energiewende als sozialwissenschaftliche Herausforderung, Saarbrücken (2013)










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