Dr Robert Beyer

Senior Scientist


Working Group


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam

2021 -               Marie-Skłodowska-Curie research fellow (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)
2015 - 2021    Postdoctoral research associate (University of Cambridge)
2012 - 2015    Double Ph.D. in mathematics (Université Paris-Saclay) and in forest science (Technical University of Munich)
2006 - 2011    M.Sc. in mathematics and philisophy (Technical University of Munich and Kyoto University)

(first and joint-first author)

Beyer R, Manica M (2021): Range sizes of the world’s mammals, birds, and amphibians from the mid-Holocene to the industrial period. Animals

Beyer R, Rademacher T (2021): Species Richness and Carbon Footprints of Vegetable Oils: Can High Yields Outweigh Palm Oil’s Environmental Impact? Sustainability

Beyer R, Manica A (2021): Global and country-level data of the biodiversity footprints of 175 crops and pasture. Data in Brief

Beyer R, Krapp M, Manica M (2021): Addendum: High-resolution terrestrial climate, bioclimate and vegetation for the last 120,000 years. Nature Scientific Data

Beyer R, Krapp M, Manica A (2021): Climatic windows for human migration out of Africa in the past 300,000 years. Nature Communications

Beyer R, Manica A, Mora C (2021): Shifts in global bat diversity suggest a possible role of climate change in the emergence of SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2. Science of the Total Environment

Beyer R, Duran AP, Rademacher T, Tayleur CM, Brooks SE, Coomes D, Donald PF, Sanderson FJ (2020): The environmental impacts of palm oil and its alternatives. Biorxiv

Beyer R, Basler D, Kaasalainen M, Raumonen P, Pretzsch H (2020): Do trees have constant divergence angles? Theoretical Biology

Beyer R, Manica A (2020): Historical and projected future range sizes of the world’s mammals, birds, and amphibians. Nature Communications

Beyer R, Krapp M, Manica M (2020): High-resolution terrestrial climate, bioclimate and vegetation for the last 120,000 years. Nature Scientific Data

Beyer R, Krapp M, Manica M (2020): A empirical evaluation of bias correction methods for paleoclimate simulations. Climate of the Past

Beyer R, Singarayer J, Stock J, Manica A (2020): Did environmental conditions affect the diversification of the Bantu languages? Heliyon

Betti L*, Beyer R*, Jones E*, Eriksson A, Tassi F, Siska V, Leonardi M, Maisano Delser P, Bentley LK, Nigst PR, Stock JT, Pinhasi R, Manica A (2020): Climate shaped how Neolithic farmers and European hunter-gatherers interacted after a major slowdown from 6,100 BCE to 4,500 BCE. Nature Human Behaviour

Lehnebach R*, Beyer R*, Letort V, Heuret P (2018): The pipe model theory half a century on: a review. Annals of Botany

Beyer R*, Bayer D*, Letort V, Pretzsch H, Cournède P-H (2017): Validation of a functional-structural tree growth model using terrestrial Lidar data. Ecological Modelling

Beyer R, Letort V, Bayer D, Pretzsch H, Cournède P-H (2017): Leaf density-based modeling of phototropic crown dynamics and long-term predictive application to European Beech. Ecological Modelling

Beyer R, Bayer D, Pretzsch H, Cournède P-H (2017): Reconstructing minimal length tree branch systems from leaf positions. Ecological Informatics

Beyer R (2017): Efficient modelling of foliage distribution and crown dynamics in monolayer tree species. Theory in Biosciences

Beyer R, Richter-Gebert J (2016): Emergence of complex patterns in a higher-dimensional phyllotactic system. Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae

Beyer R, Etart O, Cournède P-H, Laurent-Gengoux P (2015): Modeling spatial competition for light in plant populations with the porous medium equation. Journal of Mathematical Biology

Beyer R, Letort V, Cournède P-H (2014): Modeling tree crown dynamics with 3D partial differential equations. Frontiers in Plant Science

2020      Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship
2018      Postdoctoral Affiliate at Clare Hall College, Cambridge
2017      Prize for Best Ph.D., awarded by the Université Franco-Allemande, an association of >200 universities
2012      Ph.D. scholarship, awarded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation
2011      Hurwitz Price, awarded by the TU Munich; graduated top of year in mathematics (1/52)

New York Times, The Guardian, CBS, The Independent, Telegraph, Politico, Forbes, New Scientist, and others.