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Stefan Petri

my face Dr. Stefan Petri
Research Domain I / NEXT / POEM

Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
c/o Dr. Stefan Petri
Telegraphenberg A62
D-14473 Potsdam,

Phone: ++49-(0)331-288-2681
Fax: ++49-(0)331-288-2620
Physical P.O. Box: Postfach 60 12 03
D-14412 Potsdam
Electronic P.O. Box: petri at_the_domain PIK-Potsdam.DE
My pgp key expires 2020-02-18A432BE5113C0B16C63B7E25CA32DC3E623A5E3AB


What am I doing here?

In 2009, I started on model coupling, currently for POEM in the NEXT project.

On 1. June 2006, I migrated to PIK, working primarily on PIK's participation in the C3-Grid Community of the D-Grid project.



Here is a full list of papers.
My ORCID record:

Some are listed below:

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