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Participation in scientific events

UKERC Summer School 2011, University of Warwick, Großbritannien, 26.06.-1.07.2011------1. Leibniz-Doktorandenforum der Sektion E, ZMT Bremen, 4./5.10.2011-------Symposium Energy Innovation, TU Graz, 12.-14.02.2014 -------PhD-Conference: Earth System Science, Jena, 12.-14.03.2014------European Geosciences Union, Vienna, 28.04.-2.05.2014 ------- International conference Urban Regions under Change: towards social-ecological resilience (URC 2014), Hamburg, Germany, 27.05.2014 ----- 2nd Energy & Society Conference, Krakow, Poland, 4-6.06.2014 ------ Energy Systems Conference, London, Great Britain, 24/25.06.2014 ------ PhDay of the Potsdam Graduate School, Potsdam, 3.07.2014 ----- Summer School Energy Security, Telc, Czech Republic, 3.-10.08.2014 ------ Swiss Climate Summer School, Grindelwald, Switzerland, 31.08.-5.09.2014 ------ Winter School, CCES of ETH Zurich, January and February 2015 ------ World Sustainable Energy Days, Wels, Austria, 24.-27.02.2015 ----- World Conference on Climate Change, Valencia, Spain, 26.-28.10.2016

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