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Lila Warszawski

Lila Warszawski

Lila Warszawski

Research Domain II 
Climate Impacts & Vulnerabilities

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

Telegrafenberg A26
14412 Potsdam

Tel.: ++49-(0)331-288-2497
Email: lila.warszawski(at)

Since October 2011 I am a post-doctoral researcher in Research Domain II Climate Impacts and Vulnerabilities.  

I am a member of the co-ordination team of the ISI-MIP project (, focussing on the global vegetation models.


L. Warszawski, K. Frieler, V. Huber, F. Piontek, O. Serdeczny, J. Schewe 

    The Inter-sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISI-MIP): Project Framework 
    PNAS, accepted

L. Warszawski, et al. 

    Risk of ecosystem shift under climate change, a multi-model analysis 
    ERL, 8 044018 (2013)

 J. Schewe, et al. 

    Multi-model assessment of water scarcity under climate change 
    PNAS, accepted

F. Piontek, et al. 
    Leaving the world as we know it: Hotspots of global climate change impacts 
    PNAS, submitted

K. Frieler, et al. 
    Impact cascades of climate change 
    PNAS, submitted

S. Hempel, et al.

    A trend-preserving bias correction -- the ISI-MIP approach

    Earth System Dynamics,  4, 219-236 (2013)


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