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Yalew, S.; Pilz, T.; Schweitzer, C.; Liersch, S.; van der Kwast, J.; van Griensven, A.; Mul, M.; Dickens, C. & van der Zaag, P. (2018). Coupling land-use change and hydrologic models for quantification of catchment ecosystem services. Environmental Modelling & Software.

Sterl, S.; Liersch, S.; Koch, H.; Van Lipzig, N.P.M & Thiery, W. (2018). A new approach for assessing synergies of solar and wind power: implications for West Africa. Environmental Research Letters.

Lobanova, A.; Liersch, S.; Nunes, J. P.; Didovets, I.; Stagl, J.; Huang, S.; Koch, H.; del Rocio Rivas Lopez, M.; Maule, C. F.; Hattermann, F. & Krysanova, V. (2018). Hydrological impacts of moderate and high-end climate change across European river basins. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 18: 15-30.

Liersch, S., Tecklenburg, J., Rust, H., Dobler, A., Fischer, M., Kruschke, T., Koch, H. and F.F. Hattermann (2018). Are we using the right fuel to drive hydrological models? A climate impact study in the Upper Blue Nile. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22(4): 2163-2185.

Hattermann, F. F.; Vetter, T.; Breuer, L.; Su, B.; Daggupati, P.; Donnelly, C.; Fekete, B.; Flörke, F.; Gosling, S. N.; Hoffmann, P.; Liersch, S.; Masaki, Y.; Motovilov, Y.; Müller, C.; Samaniego, L.; Stacke, T.; Wada, Y.; Yang, T. & Krysnaova, V. (2018). Sources of uncertainty in hydrological climate impact assessment: a cross-scale study. Environmental Research Letters, 13, 015006.

Reinhardt, J.; S. Liersch; M. Abdeladhim; M. Diallo; C. Dickens; S. Fournet; F. Hattermann; C. Kabaseke; M. Muhumuza; M. Mul; T. Pilz; I.  Otto; A.Walz (2018). Systematic evaluation of scenario assessments supporting sustainable integrated natural resources management: Evidence from four case studies in Africa. Ecology & Society 23(1):5.


Liersch, S., Koch, H., Hattermann, F.F. (2017). Management Scenarios of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Their Impacts Under Recent and Future Climates. Water, 9(10). doi:10.3390/w9100728 [Open Access].

Lobanova, A., Liersch, S., Tàbara, J.D., Koch, H., Hattermann, F.F. and V. Krysanova (2017): Harmonizing human-hydrological systems under climate change: a scenario-based approach for the case of the headwaters of the Tagus River. Journal of Hydrology, 548, p. 436-447.

Teklesadik, A. D., Alemayehu, T., van Griensven, A., Kumar, R., Liersch, S., Eisner, S., Tecklenburg, J., Ewunte, S. and X. Wang (2017): Inter-model comparison of hydrological impacts of climate change on the Upper Blue Nile basin using ensemble of hydrological models and global climate models. Climatic change 141 (3). p. 517-532.

Huang, SC; Kumar, R; Flörke, M; Yang, T; Hundecha, Y; Kraft, P; Gao, C; Gelfan, A; Liersch, S; Lobanova, A; Strauch, M; van Ogtrop, F; Reinhardt, J; Haberlandt, U; Krysanova, V (2017). Evaluation of an ensemble of regional hydrological models in 12 large-scale river basins worldwide. Climatic Change 141 (3). p. 381-397.


Lobanova, A., Koch, H., Liersch, S., Hattermann, F. F. and V. Krysanova (2016). Impacts of changing climate on the hydrology and hydropower production of the Tagus River basin. Hydrological Processes.

Aich, V.; Liersch, S.; Vetter, T.; Fournet, S.; Andersson, J. C.; Calmanti, S.; van Weert, F. H.; Hattermann, F. F. & Paton, E. N. (2016). Flood projections within the Niger River Basin under future land use and climate change. Science of The Total Environment, 562, 666-677.

before 2016

Aich, V., Liersch, S., Vetter, T., Andersson, J., Müller, E.N. and F.F. Hattermann (2015). Climate or land use? Attribution of changes in river flooding in the Sahel Zone. Water 7(6), 2796-2820.

Krysanova, V., F. Hattermann, Sh. Huang, C. Hesse, T. Vetter, S. Liersch, H. Koch and Z. W. Kundzewicz (2015). Modelling climate and land use change impacts with SWIM: lessons learnt from multiple applications. Hydrological Sciences Journal 60(4), 606-635.

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Bocca, L., Liersch, S., Melone, F., Moramarco, T. and M. Volk (2013): Application of a model-based rainfall-runoff database as efficient tool for flood risk management. HESS. doi:10.5194/hess-17-3159-2013.

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Volk, M., J. Hirschfeld, A. Dehnhardt G. Schmidt, C. Bohn, S. Liersch and P.W. Gassman (2008). Integrated Ecological-Economic Modelling of Water Pollution Abatement Management Options in the Upper Ems River. Ecological Economics (66), pp. 66-76. doi

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Project reports

Liersch, S. et al. (2014): Vulnerability Assesments for case studies in South Africa, Uganda, Ehiopia, Tunisia, and Mali (AFROMAISON deliverables).

Liersch, S. et al. (2014): Vulnerability Assessment, Case study inter-comparison. (AFROMAISON deliverable).

Afromaison team (2014): Insights and guidance for putting integrated natural resource management into practice in Africa at meso-scale.

Liersch, S. et al. (2010): Assessing vulnerability of wetlands to change (WETwin fact sheet).

Liersch, S. et al. (2010): Report on Initial Vulnerability Assessment for each Case Study (WETwin deliverable).


Book chapters

Schlüter, M., D. Hirsch, U. Abdullaev, E. Herrfahrdt-Pähle, R. Giordano, M. Khamirzaeva, G. Khasankhanova, N. Kranz, S. Liersch, N. Matin, A. Salokhiddinov, A. Savitsky, C. Siderius, R. Toryannikova (2010). The Amudarya case study. Pages 143–157 in J. Mysiak, H.J. Henriksen, C. Sullivan, J. Bromley, and C. Pahl-Wostl, editors. The adaptive water resource management handbook. Earthscan, London.

Wenk, G., M. Rode, M. Volk, G. Schmidt and S. Liersch (2008). Modellierung von Wasserhaushalt und Stickstofftransport mit dem integrierten Modell SWAT (Soil Water Assessment Tool). - In: Bernd Klauer, Michael Rode, Daniel Petry (Hrsg.): Flussgebietsmanagement nach EG-Wasserrahmenrichtlinie. - Metropolis, S. 151-161.

Krüger, W., Barsch, A., Bauer, A., Blank, B. and S. Liersch (2001). Wo Wasser Weiden wachsen läßt. Witterungsbedingte Dynamik von Geosystemen der mongolischen Steppe. Schriftenreihe "Stoffdynamik in Geosystemen" (ISSN 0949-4731), Band 6.



Liersch, S., Hattermann, F.F., and Koch, H. (2013): Obstacles and Pitfalls, Simulating the Water Balance of Lake Victoria Catchment. International SWAT conference, July 15-19 2013, Toulouse.

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