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Publications 1999-1977

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Jürgen Kurths

Paper: 1-135


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V. Raab, A. Heuer, J. Schultheiss, N. Hodgson, J. Kurths, R. Menzel:
Transverse Effects in Phase Conjugate Laser Mirrors Based on Stimulated Brillouin Scattering.
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 10(4-5), 831-838. (1999)

H. Voss, J. Kurths:
Reconstruction of Nonlinear Time-delayed Feedback Models from Optical Data.
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 10(4-5), 805-809. (1999)

E.H. Park, M. Zaks, and J. Kurths:
Phase synchronization in the forced Lorenz system.
Phys Rev E 60, 6627-6638. (1999)

S. Hainzl, G. Zöller, and J. Kurths:
Self-organized criticality model for earthquakes: quiescence, foreshocks, and aftershocks.
Int. J. Bif. Chaos, 9 , 2249-2255. (1999)

C. Schäfer, M.G. Rosenblum, H.-H. Abel, and J. Kurths:
Synchronization in the human cardiorespiratory system.
Phys. Rev. E 60(1), 857-870. (1999)

S. Hainzl, G. Zöller, and J. Kurths:
Similar power for foreshock and aftershock sequences in a spring-block model for earthquakes.
J. of Geophys. Res., 104(B4), 7243-7253. (1999)

Y.-C. Lai, C. Grebogi, J. Kurths:
Modeling of deterministic chaotic systems.
Phys. Rev. E 59(3), 2907-2910. (1999)

A. Witt, R. Braun, F. Feudel, C. Grebogi, J. Kurths:
Tracer dynamics in a flow of driven vortices.
Phys. Rev. E 59(2), 1605-1614. (1999)

M.A. Zaks, A.S. Pikovsky, J. Kurths:
On the generalized dimensions for the Fourier spectrum of the Thue-Morse sequence.
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 32, 1523-1530. (1999)

C. Ziehmann, L.A. Smith, J. Kurths:
The bootstrap and Lyapunov exponents in deterministic chaos.
Physica D 126, 49-59. (1999)

H. U. Voss, A.Schwache, J. Kurths, F. Mitschke:
Equations of motion from chaotic data:A driven optical fiber ring resonator.
Phys. Lett. A 256, 47-54. (1999)

O. Petzschmann, U. Schwarz, F. Spahn, C. Grebogi, and J. Kurths:
Length Scales of Clustering in Granular Gases.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 82(24), 4819-4821. (1999)

H.U.Voss, P. Kolodner, M. Abel, and J. Kurths:
Amplitude Equations from Spatiotemporal Binary-Fluid Convection Data.
Phys. Rev. Lett., 83(17), 3422-3425. (1999)

M. Zaks, E.-H. Park, M.G. Rosenblum, and J. Kurths:
Alternating Locking Ratios Imperfect Phase Synchronization.
Phys. Rev. Lett., 82(21), 4228-4231. (1999)


W. Gowin, P.I. Saparin, J. Kurths, D. Felsenberg:
Measures of complexity for cancellous bone:
Technology and Health Care 6(5,6), 373-390. (1998)

P.S. Landa, A.A. Zaikin, M.G. Rosenblum, J. Kurths:
On-off intermittency phenomena in a pendulum with a randomly vibrating suspension axis.
Chaos Solitons & Fractals 9(1-2), 157-169. (1998)

G. Zöller, R. Engbert, S. Hainzl, J. Kurths:
Testing for unstable periodic orbits to characterize spatiotemporal dynamics.
Chaos Solitons & Fractals 9(8),1429-1438. (1998)

M.G. Rosenblum, J. Kurths, A. Pikovski, C. Schäfer, P. Tass, H.H. Abel:
Synchronization in noisy systems and cariorespiratory interaction.
IEEE Engineering ind Medicine and Biology Magazine 17(6), 46-53. (1998)

L.Y. Cao, B.G. Kim, J. Kurths, S. Kim:
Detecting determinism in human posture control data.
Int. J. Bif. Chaos 8, 179-188. (1998)

A. Voss, K. Hnatkova, N. Wessel, J. Kurths, A. Sander, A. Schirdewan, A.J. Camm, M. Malik:
Multiparametric analysis of heart rate variability used for risk stratification among survivors of acute myocardial infarction.
Pace-Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology 21(1), 186-192. (1998)

P. Saparin, W. Gowin, J. Kurths, D. Felsenberg:
Quantification of cancellous bone structure using symbolic dynamics and measures of complexity.
Phys. Rev. E 58(5), 6449-6459. (1998)

M.J. Aschwanden, B. Kliem, U. Schwarz, J. Kurths, B.R. Dennis, R.A. Schwartz:
Wavelet Analysis of solar Flare Hard X-Rays.
The Astrophys. J. 505, 941-956. (1998)

U. Schwarz, J. Kurths, B. Kliem, A. Krüger, S. Urpo:
Multiresolution analysis of solar mm-wave bursts.
Astronomy & Astrophysics Suppl. Series 127(2), 309-318. (1998)

M.A. Zaks, A. Pikovski, J. Kurths:
Symbolic dynamics behind the singular continuous power spectra of continuous flows.
Physica D 117(1-4), 77-94. (1998)

H. Voss, J. Kurths:
Test for nonlinear dynamical behavior in symbol sequences.
Phys. Rev. E 58(1), 1155-1158. (1998)

A. Witt, J. Kurths, A. Pikovski:
Testing stationarity in time series.
Phys. Rev. E 58(2), 1800-1810. (1998)

A. Potapov, J. Kurths:
Correlation integral as a tool for distinguishing between dynamics and statistics in time series data.
Physica D 320(3-4), 369-385. (1998)

N.V. Brilliantov, Y.A. Andrienko, P.L. Krapivsky, J. Kurths:
Polydisperse adsorption: Pattern formation kinetics, fractal properties, and transition to order.
Phys. Rev. E 58(3), 3530-3536. (1998)

F. Spahn, U. Schwarz, J. Kurths, O. Petzschmann:
Comment on „clustering of granular assemblies with temperature dependent restitution under Keplerian differential rotation“ - Spahn et al. reply.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 80(25), 5709. (1998)

P. Tass, M.G. Rosenblum, J. Weule, J. Kurths, A. Pikovski, J. Volkmann, A. Schnitzler, H.J. Freund:
Detection of n:m phase locking from noisy data: Application to magnetoencephalography.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 81(15), 3291-3294. (1998)

C. Schäfer, M.G. Rosenblum, J. Kurths, H.H. Abel:
Heartbeat synchronized with ventilation.
NATURE 392(6673), 239-240. (1998)


W. Gowin, P. Saparin, J. Kurths, D. Felsenberg:
Die quantitative Beurteilung trabekulärer Knochenstrukturen der Lendenwirbelkörper durch Meßmethoden der nichtlienaren Dynamik.
OSTEOLOGIE Band 6, Supplement 1. (1997)

R. Engbert, C. Scheffczyk, R. T. Krampe, M. Rosenblum, J. Kurths, R. Kliegl
Tempo-induced transitions in polyrhythmic hand movements

A. S. Pikovsky, J. Kurths
Coherence Resonance in a Noise-Driven Excitable System

Phys.Rev. Lett. 78(5), 775-778. (1997)

A. Pikovsky, M. Zaks, M. Rosenblum, G. Osipov, J. Kurths
Phase synchronization of chaotic oscillations in terms of periodic orbits
Chaos, Vol. 7, No. 4, (1997)

W. Gowin, P. Saparin, J. Kurths, D. Felsenberg:
Bone architecture quantification by applying complexity measures.
Radiology 205, 428. (1997)

W. Gowin, P. Saparin, J. Kurths, D. Felsenberg:
Complexity measures quantify structural elements of vertebral bodies.
J. Bone and Mineral Res. 12, T 661. (1997)

A. Voss, N. Wessel, H.J. Kleiner, J. Kurths, R. Dietz:
Nonlinear dynamics in cardiocvascular diseases.
Nonlin. Anal. Theory, Methods & Applic. 30, 935-941. (1997)

R. Engbert, M. Schiek, C. Scheffczyk, J. Kurths, R. Krample, R. Kliegl, F. Drepper:
Symbolic dynamics of physiological synchronization: examples from bimanual movements and cardiorespiratory interaction.
Nonlin. Anal., Theory, Methods & Appl. 30, 973-984. (1997)

C. Scheffczyk, A. Zaikin, M. Rosenblum, R. Engbert, R. Krampe, J. Kurths:
Modeling qualitative changes in bimanual movements.
Int. J. Bif. Chaos 7, 1441-1450. (1997)

R. Engbert, C. Scheffczyk, R. Krampe, M. Rosenblum, J. Kurths, R. Kliegl:
Tempo-induced transitions in polyrhythmic hand movements.
Phys. Rev. E 56, 5823-5833. (1997)

A. Pikovsky, M. Rosenblum, G.V. Osipov, J. Kurths:
Phase synchronization of chaotic oscillators by external driving.
Physica D 104, 219-238. (1997)

O. Rudzick, A. Pikovsky, C. Scheffczyk, J. Kurths:
Dynamics of chaos-order interface in coupled map lattices.
Physica D 103, 330-347. (1997)

P.S. Landa, A.A. Zaikin, M. Rosenblum, J. Kurths:
Control of noise-induced oscillations of a pendulum with a randomly vibrating suspension axis.
Phys. Rev. E 56(2), 1465-1470. (1997)

A. Witt, A., Neiman, J. Kurths:
Characterizing the dynamics of stochastic bistable systems by measures of complexity.
Phys. Rev. E 55(5), 5050-5059. (1997)

G.V. Osipov, A. Pikovsky, M. Rosenblum, J. Kurths:
Phase synchronization effects in a lattice of nonidentical Rössler oscillators.
Phys. Rev. E 55(3), 2353-2361. (1997)

H. Voss, J. Kurths:
Reconstruction of nonlinear time delay models from data by the use of optimal transformations.
Phys. Lett A 234, 336-344. (1997)

A. Pikovsky, G. Osipov, M. Rosenblum, M. Zaks, J. Kurths:
Attractor-Repeller Collision and Eyelet Intermittency at the Transition to Phase Synchronization.
Phys. Rev. Lett.79(1), 47-50. (1997)

M. Rosenblum, A. Pikovsky, J. Kurths:
From Phase to Lag Synchronization in Coupled Chaotic Oscillators.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, 4193-4196. (1997)

F. Spahn, U. Schwarz, J. Kurths:
Clusterin of Granular Assemblies with Temperature Dependent Restitution under Keplerian Differential Rotation.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 78(8), 1596-1599. (1997)


A.Yu. Loskutov, S.D. Rybalko, U. Feudel, J. Kurths:
Suppression of chaos by cyclic parametric excitation in two-dimensional maps.
J. Phys. A.: Math. Gen. 29, 5759-5771. (1996)

U. Feudel, M.A. Safonova, J. Kurths, V.S. Anishchenko:
On the destruction of three-dimensional tori.
Int. J. Bif. Chaos 6, 1319-1332. (1996)

O. Sosnovtseva, U. Feudel, J. Kurths, A. Pikovski:
Multiband strange nonchaotic attractors in quasiperiodically forced systems.
Phys. Lett A 218, 255-267. (1996)

P. Tass, J. Kurths, M. Rosenblum, G. Guasti, H. Hefter:
Delay-induced transitions in visually guided movements.
Phys. Rev. E 54(3), R2224-R2227. (1996)

P. Saparin, M. Zaks, J. Kurths, A. Voss, V. Anishchenko:
Reconstruction und structure of ECG phase portraits.
Phys. Rev. E 54(1), 737-742. (1996)

H. Voss, J. Kurths, and U. Schwarz:
Reconstruction of grand minima of solar activity from D14 C data.
J. Geophys. Res. 101(A7), 15,637 - 15,643. (1996)

A.S. Pikovsky, M.A. Zaks, J. Kurths:
Complexity of a quasiperiodically driven spin systems.
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 29, 295-302. (1996)

A. Voss, J. Kurths et al.:
The application of methods of nonlinear dynamics for the improved and predictive recognition of patients threatened by sudden cadiac death.
Cardiovascular Res. 31, 419-433. (1996)

M. Zaks, A. Pikovsky, J. Kurths:
Steady Viscous Flow with Fractal Power Spectrum.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 77(21), 4338-4341. (1996)

N.V. Brilliantov, Yu.A. Andrienko, P.L. Krapivsky, J. Kurths:
Fractal Formation an Ordering in Random Sequential Adsorption.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 76(21), 4058-4061. (1996)

A.S. Pikovsky, M.G. Rosenblum, J. Kurths:
Synchronization in a population of globally coupled chaotic oscillators.
Europhys. Lett. 34(3), 165-170. (1996)

M.G. Rosenblum, A.S. Pikovsky, J. Kurths:
Phase Synchronization of Chaotic Oscillators.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 76(11), 1804-1807. (1996)


J. Kurths, U. Schwarz:
On nonlinear signal processing.
ESA SP-371, 15-22. (1995)

A. Voss, J. Kurths, H.J. Kleiner, N. Wessel:
Improved analysis of heart rate variability by methods of nonlinear dynamics.
J. Electrocard. 28, 81-88. (1995)

M. Rosenblum, J. Kurths:
A simple test for hidden periodicity...
Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos 5, 265-269. (1995)

A. Neiman, U. Feudel, J. Kurths:
The cumulant approach for investigating the noise influence on mode-locking bifurcations.
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 28, 2471-2480. (1995)

K. Thiessenhusen, L. Esposito, J. Kurths, F. Spahn:
Detection of hidden resonances in Saturn's B-ring.
Icarus 113, 206-212. (1995)

U. Feudel, J. Kurths, A.S. Pikovsky:
Strange non-chaotic attractor in a quasiperiodically forced circle map.
Physica D 88, 176-186. (1995)

A. Brandenburg, I. Klapper, J. Kurths:
Generalized entropies in a turbulent dynamo simulation.
Phys. Rev. E 52 (Rapid Comm.), R4602-R4605. (1995)

A. Pikovsky, M. Zaks, U. Feudel, J. Kurths:
Singular continuous spectra in dissipative systems.
Phys. Rev. E 52, 285-296. (1995)

M. Rosenblum, J. Kurths:
A model of neural control of the heart rate.
Physica A 215, 439-450. (1995)

J. Kurths, A. Voss et al.:
Quantitative analysis of heart rate variability.
Chaos 5,88-94. (1995)


J. Kurths, A. Witt:
On complexity measures.
World Futures 42, 177-192. (1994)

A. Voss, J. Kurths, et al.:
High resolution ECG...
Jap. Heart J. 35, Suppl.1, 331-332. (1994)

A. Pikovsky, K. Rateitschak, J. Kurths:
Finite-size-induced transition in ensemble of globally coupled oscillators.
Z. Phys. B 95, 541-544. (1994)

A. Voss, J. Kurths, et. al.:
Neue Methoden für die Erkennung von Hochrisikopatienten in der Kardiologie.
Biomedizin. Technik 39, 134-143. (1994)

J. Kurths, U. Schwarz, C.P. Sonett, U. Parlitz:
Testing for nonlinearity in radiocarbon data, Nonlin.
Proc. in Geophys. 1, 72-75. (1994)

U. Schwarz, J. Kurths, A. Witt, A.O. Benz:
Analysis of solar spike events by means of symbolic dynamics methods.
Space Sc. Rev. 68, 245-246. (1994)

J. Kurths, U. Schwarz:
Chaos theory and radio emission.
Space, Sc. Rev. 68, 171-184. (1994)

P. Saparin, A. Witt, J. Kurths, V. Anishchenko:
The renormalized entropy...
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 4, 1907-1916. (1994)

V. Anishchenko, M. Safonowa, U. Feudel, J. Kurths:
Bifurcations and transition to chaos trough 3D tori.
Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos 4, 595-607. (1994)

A. Witt, J. Kurths, F. Krause, K. Fischer:
On the validity of a model for the reversalsof the Earth's magnetic field, Geophys.
Astrophys. Fluid Dynamics 77, 79-91. (1994)

A. Pikovsky, J. Kurths:
Collective behavior in ensemble of globally coupled maps.
Physica D 76, 411-419. (1994)

A. Neiman, V. Anishchenko, J. Kurths:
Period-doubling bifurcations in the presence of colored noise.
Phys. Rev. E 49, 3801-3806. (1994)

A. Pikovsky, J. Kurths:
Roughening interfaces in the dynamics of perturbations of spatio-temporal chaos.
Phys. Rev. E 49, 898-301. (1994)

R. Wackerbauer, A. Witt, H. Atmanspacher, J. Kurths, H. Scheingraber:
A comparative classification of complexity measures.
Chaos, Solitons, Fractals 4, 133-173. (1994)

A. Pikovsky, J. Kurths:
Do globally coupled maps really violate the law of large numbers?
Phys.Rev.Lett. 72, 1644-1646. (1994)

1990 - 1993

J. Kurths, C. Spiering, W. Müller-Stoll, U. Striegler:
Search for solar periodicities in miocene tree ring widths.
Terra Nova 5, 359-363.

H. Isliker, J. Kurths:
A test for stationarity: finding parts in time series apt for correlation dimension estimates.
Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos 3, 1573-1579.

U. Feudel, W. Jansen, J. Kurths:
Tori and chaos in a nonlinear dynamo model for solar activity.
Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos, 3, 131-138.

A. Hempelmann, J. Kurths:
Mass transfer rate and outburst cycle of SS Cygni.
Astrophys. J. 412, L41-L42.

U. Schwarz, A.O. Benz, J. Kurths, A. Witt:
Analysis of solar spike events by means of symbolic dynamics methods.
Astron. Astrophys. 277, 215-224.

D. Möhlmann, K. Sauer, T. Roatsch, K. Schwingenschuh, J. Kurths:
Magnetic field environment of Mars as studied by Phobos-2.
Adv. Space Res. 12, 221-229.

H. Atmanspacher, J. Kurths, H. Scheingraber, R. Wackerbauer, A. Witt:
Complexity and meaning in nonlinear dynamical systems.
Open Systems and Information Dynamics 1, 269-289.

A. Voß, J. Kurths, H. Fiehring:
Frequency domain analysis of highly amplified ECG on the basis of maximum entropy spectral estimation.
Medical and Biol. Engin. and Comp. 30, 277-282.

A. Voss, J. Kurths, H. Fiehring, H.J. Kleiner:
Die automatische Klassifizierung des hochverstärkten EKG im Zeit- und Frequenzbereich.
Biomedizinische Technik 36 (Heft 3), 51-55.1992

D. Möhlmann, W. Riedler, J. Rustenbach, K. Schwingenschuh, J. Kurths, W. Motsch\-mann, T. Roatsch, K. Sauer, H.T.M. Lichtenegger:
The question of an internal Martian magnetic field.
Planet Space Sci. 39 (No. 1/2), 83-88.

J. Kurths, A. Brandenburg:
Lyapunov exponents for hydrodynamic convection.
Phys. Rev. A 44 (1991), R 3427-3429.

J. Kurths, A.O. Benz, M. Aschwanden:
The attractor dimension of solar decimetric radio pulsations.
Astron. Astrophys. 248, 270-276.

G.P. Chernov, J. Kurths:
On the modulation depth of short radio pulsations.
Soviet Astron. J. 67 , 1026-1037.1991

I.M. Chertok, V.V. Fomichev, ... J. Kurths et al.:
A survey of the peculiar radio emission of the solar behind-limb event on 16th February 1984.
Astron. Nachr. 311, 55-62.

A. Hempelmann, J. Kurths:
Dynamics of the outburst series of SS Cyg.
Astron. Astrophys 232, 356-366.

J. Kurths, A.A. Ruzmaikin:
On forecasting the sunspot numbers.
Solar Phys. 126, 407-410.

1986 - 1989

J. Kurths, M. Karlicky:
The route to chaos during a pulsation event.
Solar Phys. 119, 399-411.

W. Riedler, D. Möhlmann, V.N. Oraevsky, J. Kurths et al.:
Magnetic fields near Mars: first results.
Nature 341, 604-607.

J. Kurths, M. Karlicky:
Chaotic radio pulsations and coronal magnetic field estimates.
ESA SP-285, Vol. II, 175-177.

A. Voß, J. Kurths, H. Fiehring, H.-J. Kleiner:
Frequenzanalyse hochverstärkter EKG's mit Hilfe der MES.
Z. Klin. Med. 43, 1403-1406.

J. Kurths, H. Auraß, S. Urpo, S. Phojolainen:
Longperiod signals in the 8mm solar radio emission.
Astron. Astrophys. 191, 359-364.

H. Auraß, G.P. Chernov, M. Karlicky, J. Kurths, G. Mann:
On a sequence of remarkable fine structures in the type IV burst of 24 April, 1985.
Solar Phys. 112, 347-357.

H. Auraß, J. Kurths, G. Mann, G.P. Chernov, M. Karlicky:
Estimate of plasma parameters in a coronal loop by means of a fiber burst.
Solar. Phys. 108, 131-137.

J. Kurths, H. Herzel:
An attractor in a solar time series.
Physica 25 D, 165-172.

H. Auraß, J. Kurths, G. Mann, A. Hoffmann:
On a strange recurring type I burst pattern.
Solar Phys. 107, 123-133, 1987.

J. Kurths, H. Herzel:
Can a solar pulsation event be characterized by a low-dimensional attractor?
Solar Phys. 107,  39-45.

1977 – 1985

J. Kurths:
Parameterschätzung für periodische Anteile in Rauschsignalen.
Automatisierungstechnik 33 (1985) Heft 8, 240-246.

J. Kurths:
Über regularisierende Verfahren - angewandt auf einige Modellierungsprobleme.
Messen-Steuern-Regeln 26 (1983), 558-562.

J. Kurths:
Kombinationsalgorithmus zur Parameterschätzung im Modell gestörter Harmonischer.
Messen-Steuern-Regeln I:25 (1982), 22-25, II:25 (1982), 86-88.

H. Auraß , J. Kurths:
Einige Erfahrungen zur Beschreibung diskreter Meßreihen mit ARMA-Modellen.
Gerl. Beitr. Geophysik 88 (1979), 249-260.

H. Auraß , J. Kurths, W. Voigt:
Some results of a statistical analysis of the S-component of solar radio emission.
Solar.Phys. 60 (1978), 361-365.

H. Auraß , S. Grässl, J. Kurths:
Zur Schätzung von Leistungsspektren geophysikalischer Registrierungen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Maximum-Entropie-Methode.
Gerl. Beitr. Geophysik 86 (1977), 121-136.


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