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Publications 2011

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Jürgen Kurths

Paper: 513-554


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D. V. Senthilkumar, R. Suresh, J. H. Sheeba, M. Lakshmanan, J. Kurths
Delay-enhanced coherent chaotic oscillations in networks with large disorders
Physical Review E 84, 6, 066206 (2011)

W. Zou, J. Lu, Y. Tang, C. Zhang, J. Kurths
Control of delay-induced oscillation death by coupling phase in coupled oscillators
Physical Review E 84, 6, 066208 (2011)

S. Bahar, A. B. Neiman, P. Jung, J. Kurths, L. Schimansky-Geier, K. Showalter
Introduction to Focus Issue: Nonlinear and Stochastic Physics Biology
Chaos 21, 047501 (2011)

S. Astakhov, A. Feoktistov, V. S. Anishchenko, J. Kurths
Synchronization of multi-frequency noise-induced oscillations
Chaos 21, 047513 (2011)

X. L. Yang, D. V. Senthilkumar, Z. K. Sun, J. Kurths
Key role of time-delay and connection topology in shaping the dynamics of noisy genetic regulatory networks
Chaos 21, 047522 (2011)

S. Grimbs, A. Arnold, A. Koseska, J. Kurths, J. Selbig,  Z. Nikoloski
Spatiotemporal dynamics of the Calvin cycle: Multistationarity and symmetry breaking instabilities
Biosystems, 103, 2, 212-223 p. (2011)

S. Bowong, J. Kurths
Modeling and parameter estimation of tuberculosis with application to Cameroon
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 21, 7, 1999-2015 p. (2011)

W. Yu, G. Che, Ren Wei, J. Kurths, X. Z. Wei
Distributed Higher Order Consensus Protocols in Multiagent Dynamical Systems

A. Gapelyuk, M. Riedl, A. Suhrbier, J. F. Kraemer, G. Bretthauer, H. Malberg, J. Kurths, T. Penzel, N. Wessel
Cardiovascular regulation in different sleep stages in the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Biomedical Engineering, 56, 4, 207-213 p. (2011)

B. Retzlaff, N. Wessel, M. Riedl Maik, J. Kurths, et al.
Preserved autonomic regulation in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) - a prospective, comparative study
Biomedical Engineering, 56, 4, 185-193 p. (2011)

V. S. Anishchenko, M. Khairulin, G. Strelkova, J. Kurths
Statistical characteristics of the Poincare return times for a one-dimensional nonhyperbolic map
European Physical Journal B, 82, 3-4, 219-225 p. (2011)

A. Koseska, E. Volkov , J. Kurths
Synthetic multicellular oscillatory systems: controlling protein dynamics with genetic circuits
Physica Scripta, 84, 4, 045007 (2011)

G. Zamora-Lopez, E. Russo, P. M. Gleiser, C. Zhou, J. Kurths
Characterizing the complexity of brain and mind networks
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 369, 1952, 3730-3747 p. (2011)

T. Huang, G. Chen, J. Kurths
Synchronization of chaotic systems with time-varying coupling delays
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems-Series b, 16, 4, 1071-1082 p.  (2011)

N. Wessel, J Kurths, H. Malberg, et al.
Biosignal 2010: Advanced technologies in intensive care and sleep medicine

J. F. Donges, R. V. Donner, M. H. Trauth, N. Marwan, H. J. Schellnhuber, J. Kurths
Nonlinear detection of paleoclimate-variability transitions possibly related to human evolution
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 108 , 51, 20422–20427 p. (2011)

E. H. Hellen, E. Volkov, J. Kurths, S. K. Dana
An electronic analog of synthetic genetic networks
PLoS ONE, 6, e23286 (2011)

H. Braun, P. Ditlevsen, J. Kurths, M. Mudelsee
A two-parameter stochastic process for Dansgaard-Oeschger events
Paleoceanography, 26 , PA3214 (2011)

R.V. Donner, J. Heitzig, J.F. Donges, Y. Zou, N. Marwan, J. Kurths
The geometry of chaotic dynamics – a complex network perspective
European Physical Journal B 84, 653–672 p. (2011)

N. Fujiwara, J. Kurths, A. Diaz-Guilera
Spectral Analysis of Synchronization in Mobile Networks
AIP conference proceedings, 1389, 1, 1015-1018 p. (2011)

J. F. Donges, R. V. Donner, K. Rehfeld, N. Marwan, M. H. Trauth, J. Kurths
Identification of dynamical transitions in marine palaeoclimate records by recurrence network analysis
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 18, 545-562 p. (2011)

N. Malik, B. Bookhagen, N. Marwan, J. Kurths
Analysis of spatial and temporal extreme monsoonal rainfall over South Asia using complex networks
Climate Dynamics, online first (2011)

S. Arathi, S. Rajasekar, J. Kurths
Characteristics of stochastic resonance in asymmetric duffing oscillator
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 21, 9, 2729–2739 p. (2011)

A. Zakharova , J. Kurths , T. Vadivasova , A. Koseska   
Analysing dynamical behavior of cellular networks via stochastic bifurcations
PLoS ONE, 6, e19696 (2011)

X. Sun, J. Lei, M. Perc, J. Kurths, G. Chen
Burst synchronization transitions in a neuronal network of subnetworks
Chaos, 21, 016110 (2011)

Y. Tang, Z. Wang, W. K. Wong, J. Kurths, J. Fang
Multiobjective synchronization of coupled systems
Chaos, 21, 025114 (2011)

G. Zamora-López , C. Zhou, J. Kurths   
Exploring brain function from anatomical connectivity
Front. Neurosci., 5, 83 (2011)

S. Hempel, A. Koseska, J. Kurths, Z. Nikoloski
Inner composition alignment for inferring directed networks from short time series
Phys. Rev. Lett., 107, 054101 (2011)

S. Hempel , A. Koseska , Z. Nikoloski, J. Kurths
Unraveling gene regulatory networks from time-resolved gene expression data -- a measures comparison study
BMC Bioinformatics, 12, 292 (2011)

K. Srinivasan, D. V. Senthilkumar, K. Murali, M. Lakshmanan, J. Kurths
Synchronization transitions in coupled time-delay electronic circuits with a threshold nonlinearity
Chaos, 21, 023119 (2011)

C. Qian, J.D. Cao, J.Q. Lu, J. Kurths
Adaptive bridge control strategy for opinion evolution on social networks
Chaos, 21, 025116 (2011)

C. Qian, Y.B. Wang, J.D. Cao, J.Q. Lu, J. Kurths
Weighted-traffic-network-based geographic profiling for serial crime location prediction
Europhysics Letters, 93, 68006 (2011)

K. Rehfeld, N. Marwan, J. Heitzig, J. Kurths
Comparison of correlation analysis techniques for irregularly sampled time series
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 18, 389–404 p. (2011)

R. V. Donner, M. Small, J. F. Donges, N. Marwan, Y. Zou, R. Xiang, J. Kurths
Recurrence-based time series analysis by means of complex network methods
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 21, 4, 1019–1046 p. (2011)

Y. Zou, M. C. Romano, M. Thiel, N. Marwan, J. Kurths
Inferring indirect coupling by means of recurrences
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 21, 4, 1099-1111 p.  (2011)

G. M. Ramírez Ávila, J.-L. Deneubourg, J.-L. Guisset, N. Wessel, J. Kurths
Firefly courtship as the basis of the synchronization-response principle
Europhysics Letters, 94 , 60007 (2011)

S. Schinkel, G. Zamora-López, O. Dimigen, W. Sommer, J. Kurths
Functional network analysis reveals differences in the semantic priming task
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 197, 2,  333-339 p. (2011)

J.F. Donges, H.C.H. Schultz, N. Marwan, Y. Zou, J. Kurths
Investigating the topology of interacting networks
The European Physical Journal B, 84, 635-651 p.  (2011)

J. Lu, D. W. C. Ho, J. Cao, J. Kurths
Exponential synchronization of linearly coupled neural networks with impulsive disturbances
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 22 , 2, 329-335 p. (2011)

Y. Zou, J.F. Donges, J. Kurths
Recent advances in complex climate network analysis
Complex Systems and Complexity Science, 8, 1, 27-38 p. (2011)

N. Fujiwara, J. Kurths, A. Díaz-Guilera
Synchronization in networks of mobile oscillators
Physical Review E, 83, 025101 (2011)

I. I. Mokhov, D. A. Smirnov, P. I. Nakonechny, S. S. Kozlenko, E. P. Seleznev, J. Kurths
Alternating mutual influence of El-Niño/Southern Oscillation and Indian monsoon
Geophysical Research Letters, 38, L00F04 (2011)






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