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Dr. Chris Kollas

Dr. Chris Kollas
Member of RD2, Co-Speaker of Flagship iCROSS
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Telegraphenberg A62 / 2.10
Phone: +49 (0)331 288 20766
Email: Chris.Kollas[at]
Postal Address
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam


Chris Kollas studied Geography and Computer Science at the Humboldt University Berlin and the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Argentine). In 2007 he graduated writing the thesis about climate change adaptation of German forests at PIK (Magister Artium degree in Geography and Computer Science).

For his doctoral studies he moved to Basel (Switzerland), where he worked on the physiological explanation of broadleaf tree limits and received his Ph.D. in Biology in 2012.

The following two years Chris worked at the Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) on a inter-comparison of crop models and on microclimate. In 2015 he returned to PIK, where he works on many forest related studies, e.g. the  impacts of pathogens in forestry, the isotopic signature of drought stress and Ecosystem Service trade-offs.  

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Research Interests

Impact of Climate Change on forests and forestry
Ecophysiological modelling
Tree physiology (adaptation, mortality, allocation, recruitment)
Biogeography of Phanerophytes

Selected Publications

16. Xiaogang Yin, Kurt Christian Kersebaum, Chris Kollas, Kiril Manevski, Sanmohan Baby, Nicolas Beaudoin, Isik Ozturk, Thomas Gaiser, Lianhai Wu, Munir Hoffmann, Monia Charfeddine, Tobias Conradt, Julie Constantin, Frank Ewert, Iñaki Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri, Luisa Giglio, Petr Hlavinka, Holger Hoffmann, Marie Launay, Gaëtan Louarn, Remy Manderscheid, Bruno Mary, Wilfried Mirschel, Claas Nendel, Andreas Pacholski, Taru Palosuo, Dominique Ripoche-Wachter, Reimund P. Rötter, Françoise Ruget, Behzad Sharif, Mirek Trnka, Domenico Ventrella, Hans-Joachim Weigel, Jorgen E. Olesen: Performance of process-based models for simulation of grain N in crop rotations across Europe. Agricultural Systems.

15. Xiaogang Y, Kersebaum KC, Kollas C, Armas-Herrera CM, Baby S, Beaudoin N, Bindi M, Charfeddine M, Conradt T, de Cortazar-Atauri IG, Ewert F, Ferrise R, Hoffmann H, Lana M, Launay M, Manderscheid R, Manevski K, Mary B, Mirschel W, Moriondo M, Müller C, Nendel C, Öztürk I, Palosuo T, Ripoche-Wachte D, Rötter RP, Ruget F, Sharif B, Ventrella D, Weigel HJ, Olesen JE: Multi-model uncertainty analysis in predicting grain N for crop rotations in Europe. 2017: European Journal of Agronomy, 84, 152-165

14. Petra Lasch-Born, Felicitas Suckow, Martin Gutsch, Ylva Hauf, Peter Hoffmann, Chris Kollas, Christopher P.O. Reyer: Fire, late frost, nun moth and drought risks in Germany’s forests under climate change. 2016: Meteorologische Zeitschrift DOI: 10.1127/metz/2016/0767

13. Körner C, Basler D, Hoch G, Kollas C, Lenz A, Randin C, Vitasse Y, Zimmermann N2016: Where, why and how? Explaining the low temperature range limits of temperate tree species. Journal of Ecology, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2745.12574

12. Pirttioja N, Carter TR, Fronzek S, Bindi M, Hoffmann H, Palosuo T, Ruiz-Ramos M, Tao F, Trnka M, Acutis M, Asseng S, Baranowski P, Basso B, Bodin P, Buis S, Cammarano D, Deligios P, Destain MF, Dumont B, Ewert F, Ferrise R, François L, Gaiser T, Hlavinka P, Jacquemin I, Kersebaum KC, Kollas C, Krzyszczak J, Lorite IJ, Minet J, Minguez MI, Montesino M, Moriondo M, Müller C, Nendel C, Öztürk I, Perego A, Rodríguez A, Ruane AC, Ruget F, Sanna M, Semenov MA, Slawinski C, Stratonovitch P, Supit I, Waha K, Wang E, Wu L, Zhao Z, Rötter RP 2015: Temperature and precipitation effects on wheat yield across a European transect: a crop model ensemble analysis using impact response surfaces
Climate Research, 65, 87-105

11. Kollas C, Kersebaum KC, Nendel C, Manevski K, Müller C, Palosuo T, Armas-Herrera CM, Beaudoin N, Bindi M, Charfeddine M, Conradt T, Constantin J, Eitzinger J, Ewert F, Ferrise R, Gaiser T, Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri I, Giglio L, Hlavinka P, Hoffmann H, Hoffmann MP, Launay M, Manderscheid R, Mary B, Mirschel W, Moriondo M, Olesen JE, Öztürk I, Pacholski A, Ripoche-Wachter D, Roggero PP, Roncossek S, Rötter RP, Ruget F, Sharif B, Trnka M, Ventrella D, Waha K, Wegehenkel M, Weigel HJ, Wu L 2015: Crop rotation modelling—A European model intercomparison. European Journal of Agronomy, 70, 98-111.

10. Kersebaum KC, Boote KJ, Jorgenson JS, Bindi M, Frühauf C, Gaiser T, Hoogenboom G, Kollas C, Nendel C, Olesen JE, Rötter RP, Ruget F, Thorburn P, Trnka M, Wegehenkel M 2015: Analysis and classification of data sets for calibration and validation of agro-ecosystem models, Environmental Modelling & Software

9. Kollas C, Randin C F, Vitasse Y, Körner Ch 2014: How accurately can minimum temperatures at the cold limits of tree species be extrapolated from weather station data? Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 184:257-266

8. Vitasse Y, Lenz A, Kollas C, Randin CF, Hoch G, Körner Ch 2014: Genetic vs. non-genetic responses of leaf morphology and growth to elevation in temperate tree species
Functional Ecology. Functional Ecology 28: 243-252

7. Vitasse Y, Hoch G, Randin CF, Lenz A, Kollas C, Scheepens, JF, Körner Ch 2013: Elevational adaptation and plasticity in seedling phenology of temperate deciduous tree species. Oecologia 171: 663-678.

6. Kollas C, Körner Ch, Randin CF 2014: Spring frost and growing season length co-control the cold range limits of broad-leaved trees .Journal of Biogeography 41: 773-783

5. Randin CF, Paulsen J, Vitasse Y, Kollas C, Wohlgemuth T, Zimmerman NE, Körner Ch 2013: Do elevational limits of deciduous tree species match with their thermal latitudinal limits? Global Ecology and Biogeography 22: 913-923.

4. Kollas C, Vitasse Y, Randin CF, Hoch G, Körner Ch 2012: Unrestricted quality of seeds in European
broad-leaved tree species growing at the cold boundary of their distribution. Annals of Botany 109:473-

3. Vitasse Y, Hoch G, Randin CF, Lenz A, Kollas C, Körner Ch 2012: Tree recruitment of European tree
species at their current upper elevational limits in the Swiss Alps. Journal of Biogeography 39:1439-

2. Kollas C, Lasch P, Suckow F, Rock J 2009: Bioenergy potential in Germany – assessing spatial pattern
of biomass production with aspen short-rotation coppice. International Agrophysics 23:343-352

1. Lasch P, Kollas C, Rock J, Suckow F 2009: Potentials and Impacts of Short Rotation Coppice
Plantation with Aspen in Eastern Germany under Climate Change. In: Regional Climate Change

Book Chapters

Rock J, Lasch P, Kollas C 2009: Auswirkungen von absehbarem Klimawandel auf
Kurzumtriebsplantagen. In: Anbau und Nutzung von Bäumen auf landwirtschaftlichen Flächen. Reeg T. et al., eds. Wiley. 2012.


Kollas C, Lasch P, Suckow F, Gerstengarbe FW, Werner PC 2008: Ertragspotenziale des Kurzumtriebs
von Aspen (Populus tremula L.) unter möglichen Klimaänderungen. In: Cottbuser Schriften zur
Ökosystemgenese und Landschaftsentwicklung 6:199-202

Lasch P, Kollas C, Rock J 2008: Ertragsprojektionen unter Klimawandel für den alternativen Anbau
von Agrarholz auf Ackerflächen am Beispiel der Aspe. In: PIK-Report 112: Die Ertragsfähigkeit
ostdeutscher Ackerflächen unter Klimawandel

Lasch P, Kollas C, Rock J, Suckow F 2008: Kurzumtriebsplantagen mit Aspe (Populus tremula L.)
unter möglichen Klimaänderungen in Ostdeutschland. Tagungsbeitrag In: Berichte Freiburger Forstliche
Forschung Heft 76, Forstwissenschaftliche Tagung 2008 Ressourcenknappheit und Klimaänderung

Kollas C. 2007: Klimafolgenforschung in Brandenburgs Forst - Regionalstudie zu angepassten Waldbausystemen im Forstrevier Schönholz. (Climate Impact Research in Brandenburg Forest - Studying sustainable forest management in forest district Schönholz). Magister Artium Thesis.


DENDROKLIMA - Analysis of the impact of climate change on forest ecosystems in Germany - linking diverse dendrochronological data to modelling approaches (BLE/BMBF)

WAHYKLAS - Forest health adaptation strategies to mitigate increasing harmful organisms in climate vulnerable regions under increasing restrictions (BLE/BMBF)

MACSUR-CropM (FACCE-JPI) - Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security

TREELIM (ERC Grant to Prof Dr. Ch Körner) - A functional explanation of low temperature tree species limits

FOREVAS - Climate change impacts on forest ecosystems
UBA-FISKA, within KomPass (Umweltbundesamt) - GIS-based information system for adaptation strategies in Germany


Lecturing the seminar “Physical Geography” for 1st year master students, 28h class, University of Potsdam (with PD Dr. KC Kersebaum)

Lecture "Functional explanations of low temperature tree species limits" with Y. Vitasse, A. Lenz, 2h class, University of Basel

Assistant teacher in Lecture "Pflanzenökologie und Systemökologie"
(C. Körner) - Determination of LAI via fisheye sensors,6h class, Univ. of Basel

Assistant teacher in Plant water relations and Infrared Thermometry (microclimate) at field course of the Botanical Institute, 20h class, Univ. of Basel

Assistant teacher in Dendrology at field course of the Botanical Institute, 20h class, University of Basel

Assistant teacher in the introductory course of Statistics with R, with S Leuzinger, 16h class, ETH Zürich

Assistant teacher in Lecture "Pflanzenökologie und Systemökologie" (C. Körner) - Biomass partinioning, 6h class, University of Basel

Lecture “Tree growth modeling”, 2h class, Hochschule für Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Eberswalde

Teacher in German language and Mathematics in the course of training support for young adults, 80h class, IB - Internationaler Bund, Berlin

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