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Dipl. Geoecologist

B.Ed. Geography and Spanish

Research Domain II

Climate Impacts & Vulnerabilities



Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Telegraphenberg A 62 / 2.04
14473 Potsdam, Germany
P.O. Box: 60 12 03

Phone: ++49-(0)331-288-20719
Email: juliarei(at)pik-potsdam.de



BAM-GIRE (2018-2019)

Integrated Water Resources Management Program, funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mali through Wetlands International. In this project, we assess the feasibility of land and water management plans (reservoir operations, new reservoirs, irrigation extension etc.) in the Upper Niger and Bani River basins in West Africa and we assess the likely impacts of management scenarios on the inflows into the Inner Niger Delta.

EXTRA (2016-2018)

Impact of EXTreme events and climate change on Russian Agriculture, economic implications and adaptation

AFROMAISON (2011-2014)

Africa at meso-scale: Adaptive and integrated tools and strategies on natural resources management

INNOVATE (2012-2017)

Nachhaltige Nutzung von Stauseen durch innovative Kopplung von aquatischen und terrestrischen ¨ Okosystemfunktionen

PSI-Connect (2009-2012)

Policy Science Interactions - Connecting Science and Policy through Innovative Knowledge Brokering in the field of Water Management and Climate Change

Research interests:

Integrated assessments of socio-ecological systems

Integrated water and land management

Vulnerability of food systems

Scenario design & planning

Communicating science (knowledge transfer & brokerage)



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*beide Autoren haben in gleichen Anteilen zur Studie beigetragen

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