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Funded by (*)/
Grant No.
Project Title /
More Information
1992-1994 NoSo'92 BMBF
01 LK 9201
The Extreme Summer of 1992 in Northern Germany
more ...
1992-1995 SANA BMBF
07 VLP 02
Remediation of the Atmosphere over the German New Federal States
Sub-Project E2.2: Regional Model Duebener Heide
more ...
1993-1995 MOSES BMBF
01 LK 9105
Modelling and Simulation of Ecological Systems
more ...
1994-1997 DZWE BMBF
07 VWK 01-6
Data Center Weser/Elbe
Sub-Project Design and Acquisition (year 1997)
1997-1999 WISE EU
Weather Impacts on Natural, Social and Economic Systems
more ... more ...
2001-2003 xDat PIK Extensible Database Access Tool
more ...
2001-2003 EPN EU
European Phenological Network
Sub-Project Metadatabase on phenological networks
more ... more ...
2004-2007 ModSimEnv PIK Techniques and Tools for Model Coupling, Evaluation and Assessment
more ...
2004-2007 PixDat PIK PIK Extensible Database Access Tool
more ...
2005-2009 C3Grid BMBF
01 AK 801H
Collaborative Climate Community Data and Processing Grid
more ...
03 IS 219B

Potsdam Research Cluster for Georisk Analysis, Environmental Change and Sustainability. Project B2 - Automated Data Analysis
more ...

2011-2013 C3Grid-INAD BMBF
01 LG 1004G

Towards an Infrastructure for General Access to Climate Data
more ...

(*): BMBF = German Federal Ministry for Education and Research
EU = European Union

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