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•    Klingenfeld, D. (2016): How Germany is Fulfilling Its Commitment to the Paris Climate Deal. WPR - World Politics Review, 27 July 2016.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2015): Klima-Showdown in Paris. In: Leitschuh, H./Michelsen, G./Simonis, U.E./Sommer, J./von Weizsäcker, E.U. (Eds.): Gesucht: Weltumweltpolitik. Jahrbuch Ökologie 2016, S. Hirzel: Stuttgart, pp. 153-161.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2015): How can we tackle climate change and extreme poverty? World Economic Forum Agenda.

•    Schellnhuber, H.J./Klingenfeld, D. (2014): Keine Angst vor der Großen Transformation. (Don't be Afraid of the Great Transformation). In: politische ökologie (Band 139): Klimaschutz. Neues Globales Abkommen in Sichtweite? oekom: München, pp. 107-112. Republication as abridged version in neue energie - das magazin für erneuerbare energien. Online edition, August 2015.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2014): Drei machbare Schritte für die Menschheit. (Three feasible steps for humankind). The European.

•    Schellnhuber, H.J./Klingenfeld, D. (2013): At the Crossroads of Climate Change and Global Security. UN Chronicle, Volume L, Number 2, 2013.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2012): Planetare Leitplanken und langfristige Politikgestaltung. (Planetary Boundaries and Long-Term Policy-Making). In: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Ed.): Denker für morgen. (Thinkers for Tomorrow). Herder: Freiburg, pp. 62-67.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2012): Die 2°C-Temperaturleitplanke als Koordinate globaler Klimapolitik. (The 2°C Temperature Guard Rail as a Coordinate of Global Climate Policy). In: Keil, G./Poscher, R. (Eds.): Unscharfe Grenzen im Umwelt- und Technikrecht. (Fuzzy Boundaries in Environmental and Technological Law). Nomos: Baden-Baden, pp. 151-159.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2012): The Role of Carbon Markets. Online tutorial for the Virtual Academy for Sustainability at the University of Bremen as part of the lecture series "World in Transition". Lecture 6, Episode 2. Links to lecture and interview.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2012): On Strategies for Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change: Elements of a Global Carbon Market. LIT: Münster. Doctoral thesis. Link to book. Review.

•    Klingenfeld, D./Schellnhuber, H.J. (2012): Climate Change as a Global Challenge - and its Implications for Knowledge Generation and Dissemination. In: Renn, J. (Ed.): The Globalization of Knowledge in History. Studies 1: Max Planck Research Library for the History and Development of Knowledge. Berlin. Edition Open Access.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2011): Kooperation 2.0. The European.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2011): Klimawandel: Gerechtigkeit bei der globalen Transformation. (Climate Change: Equity for the Global Transformation). In: Altner, G./Leitschuh, H./Michelsen, G./Simonis, U.E./von Weizsäcker, E.U. (Eds.): Grüner Umbau. Neue Allianzen für die Umwelt. Jahrbuch Ökologie 2012, S. Hirzel: Stuttgart, pp. 150-156.

•    Schellnhuber, H.J./Klingenfeld, D. (2011): Fairness and Physics - observing first principles in global climate policy. Global Change, Peace & Security 23 (3): 427-433, October 2011.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2011): Rückenwind. Der Weltklimarat berichtet zum Stand in Sachen erneuerbare Energien. (Tailwind. The IPCC Reports on the State of Renewable Technologies). Internationale Politik, Juli/August 2011, Nr. 4, 66. Jahr.

•    Schellnhuber, H.J./Klingenfeld, D. (2010): Fairness und Physik. Die globale Klimaschutzarchitektur braucht Gerechtigkeit und Realitätssinn. (Fairness and Physics. The global climate architecture needs equity and a sense for realism). Internationale Politik, November/Dezember 2010, Nr. 6, 65. Jahr. Online version. Print version.

•    Wicke, L./Schellnhuber, H.J./Klingenfeld, D. (2010): Die 2°max-Klimastrategie - Ein Memorandum. (The 2°max Climate Strategy - A Memorandum). LIT: Münster. Link

•    Messner, D./Schellnhuber, H.J./Rahmstorf, S./Klingenfeld, D. (2010): The budget approach: A framework for a global transformation toward a low-carbon economy. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 2, 031003 (2010); doi:10.1063/1.3318695.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2010): Evaluating Global Climate Policy - Taking Stock and Charting a New Way Forward. PIK Report No. 117.

•    Wicke, L./Schellnhuber, H.J./Klingenfeld, D. (2010): Nach Kopenhagen: Neue Strategie zur Realisierung des 2°max-Klimazieles. (After Copenhagen: A New Strategy to Realize the 2°max Climate Target). PIK Report No. 116. Click here for a concise English version.

•    Abadie, O./Ferrario, F./Gross, S./Klingenfeld, D./Knell, S. (2009): The Copenhagen Process. Thinking Beyond Targets. IHS CERA Decision Brief, November 2009.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2009): The Strategic Positioning of Energy Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Sector. IHS CERA Special Report, September 2009.

•    Makovich, L.J./Giuffre, D.D./Klingenfeld, D. (2009): Grounding the Positive Charge. Finding the Cost of Reducing CO2 Emissions by Increasing US Electric Energy Efficiency. IHS CERA Special Report, April 2009.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2009): Blueprints for Shaping Energy Demand. Assessing Demand-side Targets, Policies, and Results in China, Europe, and the United States. IHS CERA Special Report, February 2009.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2008): Corn stover as a bioenergy feedstock: Identifying and overcoming barriers for corn stover harvest, storage, and transport. Master-Project at Harvard Kennedy School.

•    Klingenfeld, D. (2006): Chances for acceptance of a global cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases in the United States of America. Diploma thesis at ESCP Europe.

Working papers:
•    Klingenfeld, D. (2007): The exercise of market power in carbon markets – possibilities and limits for regulation, National Commission on Energy Policy, Washington D.C. 2007.

•    Wrona, T./Klingenfeld, D. (2007): Current approaches in entrepreneurship research. Overview and relevance for management research, ESCP-EAP Working Paper Nr. 24, Berlin 2007.

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