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Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Carlo C. Jaeger







Professional Experience



Current Research Interests


  • Climatic risks and financial markets
  • Integrated risk governance
  • Multi-Agent modeling




  • Fellow of the Institute for Human Ecology
  • Outstanding Publication Award 2000-2002, Environment and Technology Section of the American Sociological Association, for the book Risk, Uncertainty, and Rational Action
    (together with Ortwin Renn, Eugene A. Rosa and Thomas Webler)
  • 2009 Gerald L. Young Book Award in Human Ecology, Society for Human Ecology, for the book Human Footprints on the Global Environment: Threats to Sustainability (together with Eugene A. Rosa, Andreas Diekmann and Thomas Dietz)


Professional Associations and Services




Head of PIK research domain IV, Transdisciplinary Concepts & Methods

Professor for Modeling of Social Systems Universität Potsdam

Professor h.c. Beijing Normal University (BNU)

Chair of European Climate Forum (ECF)

Co-chair of the Integrated Risk Governance Project (IRG-Project)

Partner of Global System Dynamics and Policies (GSD)






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