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Christian Gambardella

Research Domain III
Sustainable Solutions

Energy Strategies Europe and Germany (ESED)


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)



14412 Potsdam

Email: chgamba(at)


Research Focus

Having a background in energy and environmental economics as well as dynamic macroeconomics Christian joined RDIII’s ESED Group as a PhD-Student in May 2013. His research will be affiliated to a project that is dedicated to the electricity market design challenges of renewable resource dominated power systems. Main focus will therefore center on auction design of electricity spot markets, capacity forward markets as well as on the alignment of environmental and energy policy design.

Work in Progress

Gambardella, C., Pahle, M., Schill, W.P. (2015), Welfare Effects of Dynamic Retail Pricing In The Presence of Carbon Taxation, Variable Renewable Energy Supply and Planning Reserve Margin Constraints. PDF

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