Selected Presentations

  • Using palaeoclimate constraints for simulations of the Greenland ice sheet contribution to future sea level rise, IGS symposium 2014.
  • Workshop on Tipping Point Interactions (TIPI) 2010, download 1.3 MByte
  • The ISMIP HEINO project: intercomparison of large-scale oscillations in ice-sheet models, IGS symposium 2008, download 786 kByte
  • Simulation of Termination II, EGU 2008, download 678 kByte
  • Simulation of glacial cycles with an Earth system model of intermediate complexity, EGU 2007 download 0.56 Mbyte
  • Simulation of the last glacial cycle with a climate-system model, EGS 2002 download 1.1 Mbyte
  • Modeling the last glacial inception with CLIMBER, EMICS work shop, EGS 2002 download 0.6 Mbyte