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use of stable isotopes

My work on the use of stable isotopes in ecophysiology and vegetation modelling was part of the NETCARB project for several years

  • on 13C exchange between atmosphere and biosphere:
  • Fung et al. (1997)

  • on discrimination during respiration:
  • Duranceau et al. (1999)

    Ghashghaie et al. (2001)

    Tcherkez et al. (2003)

  • review on discrimination during respiration and photorespiration:
  • Ghashghaie et al. (2003) abstract

  • on discrimination during photosynthesis and photorespiration as a source of non-statistical intra-molecular isotope patterns:
  • Tcherkez et al. (2004)

  • on postphotosynthetic fractionation:
  • Badeck et al. (2005)

    Bathellier et al. (2008) abstract

    Badeck et al. (2009)

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