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gas exchange, growth, competition

Modelling of gas exchange, growth and competition at the organisational levels of organs, whole plants, stands and ecosystems

My work on forest growth and succession at PIK is part of the ForEVAS project

My work on global vegetation modelling at PIK is part of the development of the LPJ model

In the working group of Gundolf Kohlmaier I participated in the development and application of the Frankfurt Biosphere Model (FBM)

  • on forest management and forest goods and services:
  • Fuerstenau et al. (2007)

    Lasch et al. (2005)

  • on forest succession models:
  • Badeck et al. (2001)

    Norby et al. (2001)

  • modelling nitrogen allocation inside canopies:
  • main results

    Badeck (1995)

  • modelling nitrogen dioxide uptake by leaves:
  • main results

    Ramge et al. (1993)

  • vegetation in the global carbon cycle:
  • Lüdeke et al. (1994)

    Kohlmaier et al. (1997)

    Kindermann et al. (1996)

    Kohlmaier et al. (1995)

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