some more about me


This text has been written in 2008 and it needs to be updated

I have a MA in literature and an MBA in general management. My background is rather different from most of my colleagues here at PIK and often people wonder what am I doing here.

Before joining PIK I have been working for the pharmaceutical industry in cross national and trans-national management.  Tired of the marketing lies, I have decided to change life and joined PIK in 2001 shortly after the 9-11 tragedy.

With my experience and background, I have had serious difficulties in concentrating my activities on one single field. So I have ended up being involved in several different initiatives, thus adding to the confusion and surprise of my colleagues.

It has been particularly difficult to produce publications. If you are not a born academic and you have no inspiration for writing a best seller, it is challenging to support and justify spending hours and hours on a text, when there is so much to do. However I am getting better and better, I dare say, and I am not longer scared to put my name on something which is more than an invoice or a business plan.  I remain ashamed, nevertheless and still very strongly objecting publications for publications' sake.

You will find a complete list of my publications efforts by clicking here

At PIK I have the pleasure to lead the SuperSmart Grid Process. This is the concept I have developed in an effort to reconcile the different approaches to renewable energy. Information can be found on the SuperSmart Grid web page following the link.

 This activity is partially connected to the EU funded IP project CIRCE .

Before I had the pleasure to co-lead the PIK Project PREVENT together with Bill Hare. For me it is an honor and a constant challenge to work with Bill. (I should use my personal web page to say these things, I believe).

For PREVENT I was leading the China-EU process aiming at identifying the political frameworks which could lead to a decarbonised economy. This activity, or rather process, is being run in coordination with ECF and E3G and in particular with John Ashton from the European side. With Prof. Pan from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) from the Chinese side.

As I have been editing the book "Climate Hotspots. Key vulnerable regions and climate change" for the past one year and a half together with Bill  and others, I have got more and more interested in the impacts of climate change on human security and stability. A paper co-authored with Jürgen Schefffran, for the book mentioned above is the initial result of my interest and hope there will be a series of them in the years to come. Again I see a clear link between the issue of stability in Northern African countries, but not only, and the external EU energy policy.

In 2004 I had the pleasure to organise the KyotoPlus Congress and was one of the steering committee members. The Congress, I believe has been an important event, especially for Germany. You can find more information at

A book has been produced  using most of the background papers prepared for the Congress.

I was deeply involved in many of the activities run through ECF . On March 28th,  after the Annual Conference "Financing the next Indutrial Revolution. Global Investmetns for Energy and Climate Security" in occasion of the General Assembly, I have been appointed Managing Director of ECF. I have kept this position until December 2008. I thank  all ECF members for their trust and support.

As if all the above is not enough to keep me busy, I have recently founded together with two colleagues and friends, Armin  and Hannah, an association: TheCompensators*. (

As I strongly believe that neither science alone, nor technology alone, nor policy alone can solve whatever problem, but rather be contributors to a solution, it is essential to engage the public and civil society to create the necessary support for any change. TheCompensators* is an initiative which aims at getting individuals to play a role in the climate discussion and take actions by influencing both policy and business through actions.

More than anything else I am a mother of two beautiful boys.  And the biggest challenge I face is to teach them to be fair and bear respect and compassion for all life forms around us - all the time by doing it myself.

And to conclude I would like to cite  the surrealist artist  Roberto Sebastian Matta Echaurren. Talking to students in the Etruscan town of Tarquinia he said: "We have already gone to the moon, however we continue to believe in black and white publicity"

and  remember that "Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere" (Meat Loaf).