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The power sector is changing! 

Climate and energy security concerns are drivers for a quick transformation towards a largely renewable power sector. In the past years several visions of a fully decarbonised power sector have been produced, but no one has developed a pathway on how to realise those visions.

The report "100% renewable electricity. Roadmap to 2050 for Europe and North Africa"

co-authored with  with colleagues from   PricewaterhouseCoupers, IIASA, ECF and PIK suggests for the first time a policy roadmap to 2050.


In an effort to reconcile the several approaches to renewable energy sources I have developed in 2007 the SuperSmart Grid Concept. Information can be found on the web page by clicking the SSG logo.



In the same spirit, more recently, I have facilitated the setting up of the  Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI). For the first time Transmission System Operators (TSO) and NGOs come together in support of a full integration of renewable energy sources in the European power system. Information is available on the RGI web page.


RGI is now 3 years old. The European Grid Declaration (EGD) was a major building block towards understanding on how to build necessary power grids without harming nature and in full respect of democratic rights of citizens. With the EU funded BESTGRID project RGI is now moving towards implementing the principles set in the EGD.

Please visit RGI web page for information about activities and issues covered: www.renewables-grid.eu



In 2006, together with colleagues at PIK I have founded TheCompensators* to provide individuals with the possibility to participate in the ETS and contribute to emissions reduction. TheCompensators* has now grown into a beautiful little organisation, run by young people working completely pro bono.



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