[zi:n] – an algorithm-based model for analysing and modelling commodity networks and supply chains

Robust and flexible supply chains are gaining more and more importance in international trade. As the complexity and length of supply chains grows, their vulnerability also increases. In addition, the global economy is operating ever faster and with tighter timing, so that even the slightest delays in the highly interconnected production and supply chains can have devastating effects on the entire economic system. There is no doubt that disruptive and unexpected weather extremes are becoming more likely and stronger as a result of global warming, increasing the risk of local production losses and thus the risk of bottlenecks in global supply chains. Further factors such as strikes or other events relevant to production or the transport network – especially in regions that are already politically unstable – add to the risks. At the same time, existing, mainly experience-based solution strategies for stabilization often no longer work.

At PIK, [zi:n] has been developed in recent years as a model that can significantly contribute to such a stabilization and resilience of supply chains in the global commodity network.

The unique multi-parametric analysis and modelling tool will make it possible to identify risks early and comprehensively, and if necessary to react faster than before and to take appropriate action. With the basic research completed and a clear prospect of exploitation having been given, the technical feasibility and economic applicability are currently being validated in a BMBF-funded VIP+ project.

If validated, [zi:n] will be offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution enabling a better supply chain risk management (SCRM). Potential customers of a planned spin-off are in particular global companies, but also (re)insurers and state institutions.




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