Civil Society

PIK's involvement in transfer projects with the broader public

PIK is engaged in knowledge transfer activities to civil society, as the high number of presentations to different societal audiences show, and has set up infrastructures to facilitate and promote its activities.

The institute supports a number of lighthouse initiatives with civil stakeholders as main target groups:

  • KlimafolgenOnline: This web portal offers an efficient transfer channel to communicate new research results and datasets. It is well recognised in the community and frequently visited. In addition, an educational version [klimafolgenonline-bildung] was developed specifically for use in schools.
  • SENSES: The SENSES project investigates potential socio-economic futures in the face of climate change and how this knowledge can be made accessible to a broader public. It develops tools and approaches to make the new generation of climate change scenarios more comprehensible, culminating in a climate service for decision makers. We will identify central needs for this step in a co-creation process between scientists and decision makers from policy and business.
  • The online platform is the entry point for schools throughout Germany with a high leverage potential. An alternative to presentations given in schools, the platform provides teachers with attractive material to bring the topic of climate change into the schools.
  • Wetterküche: The Wetterküche is a small hands-on museum on the PIK premises. It provides a local service to schools in Potsdam and Brandenburg. The museum is very well appreciated in the Potsdam region and shows PIK’s commitment to be locally engaged.
  • EPICC East Africa Peru India Climate Capacities: The project aims the co-production of user-oriented climate services to better adapt to climate change.
  • PIK is co-initiator of this transfer professionalisation activity. The platform has been set up by the German Transfer Association TransferAllianz. The focus is to provide the community with a platform which bundles information, qualification and communication opportunities for KTT in Germany.

In addition there a many dedicated projects by the communications team.


 Dr. Ingo Bräuer / Dr. Ulrike Sylla