Food System Economics Commission
November 2020 until June 2023
405.352 € funded by EAT:
Alexander Popp
PIK number / OEH

EAT, PIK and FOLU are convening an independent, interdisciplinary academic commission to deliver a state-of-the-art scientific assessment on Food, People, Planet: the economics of the transition to healthy, inclusive and environmentally friendly food systems. Building on the vanguard of integrated assessment modelling and evidence-based policy design, the Commission’s analysis will link the inclusion, health and environmental dimensions of the economics of food systems. The Commission’s overarching objective is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the economics of the current food systems, their unaccounted (health, environmental and social) costs and the distributional impacts of the transition; and by rigorously assessing evidence and providing new tools to support policy design. Over the last year a crescendo of evidence has highlighted that how we produce and consume food could be powerful levers in achieving dietary health, greater inclusion, and bring food within planetary boundaries.