Adaptivity in nonlinear dynamical systems
September 2021 until August 2022
16.200 € funded by Joachim Herz Stiftung:
Jakub Sawicki
PIK number / OEH

A widespread feature of natural and artificial complex systems is their adaptivity. Dynamical networks with adaptive couplings appear in various real-world systems such as power grid, social as well as neural networks. In spite of the lively interest in the modelling of real-world adaptive systems and an exhilarating innovation drive in each of the related scientific fields, little attempts have been undertaken, so far, to facilitate the crosspollination between the different disciplines. This workshop aims to make the first step in breaking the barriers between different scientific communities and bring together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds including physics, biology, engineering, mathematics, social and music science. The workshop serves as a platform for young and senior researchers to embark on partnerships for interdisciplinary research. The workshop will be organized as a hybrid event with a mixture of virtual and in-person talks.