Postdoc and PhD student in Atmospheric Dynamics to advance the development of POEM
October 2020 until September 2023
500.000 € funded by H&M Foundation:
Stefan Rahmstorf
PIK number / OEH

The long term purpose of this project is to advance the scientific research needed to develop new Science Based Targets that can be applied within the fashion retail industry in order to drive the change towards a planet positive future. We achieve this goal by supporting the continued development of The Potsdam Earth Model (“POEM”). POEM will enable scientist to simulate how Earths life support systems (also known as “the global commons”) interact with each other over time through feedback loops. The computer model will make it possible to predict what impact our actions will have over time and how that in turn will affect the development of the global economy and our modern society. Through this project we hope to advance the knowledge about what actions we collectively need to take in order to avoid irreversible tipping points and stay within our planetary boundaries and the safe operating space for humanity.