Global Commons Stewardship Framework: Modelling Transformation Pathways
January 2021 until March 2022
849.000 € funded by University of Tokio:
Elmar Kriegler/Ch. Müller
PIK number / OEH

With this project, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research contributes to the development of a “Global Commons Stewardship Framework” of the Center for Global Commons at the University of Tokyo.

PIK will prepare and provide model-based analysis of the synergies and trade-offs in managing the Global Commons atmosphere/climate and biosphere in line with the sustainable development goals and safeguarding planetary integrity. The work plan targets an interdisciplinary modelling of transformation pathways that allows humanity to stay within planetary boundaries by 2050 and beyond. Within this project, PIK will (a)advance methods and generate new insights that integrate the impacts of ongoing climate change on the Global Commons to better understand the needs for sustainable management and planetary stewardship of those commons in a warming world; b)give special attention to living biosphere on land, with all its land use types and biomes, in addition to the Global Common Atmosphere/Climate; (c)include an in-depth analysis of integrated and holistic transformation pathways for industrial production and material demands, including measures to utilize and recycle carbon in materials.