Energy security

Energy security in scenarios for Europe's future electricity supply
March 2011 until February 2013
54.700 € funded by Smart Energy for Europe Platform GmbH:
Antonella Battaglini
PIK number / OEH

Energy security is a concept that is of great importance for the transformation and decarbonisation of the European energy systems: insecure pathways should be discarded. Methods for evaluating energy security in the fossil fuel sectors exist but are not always suitable for scenario evaluations, and no robust assessment methods for assessing the energy security of the electricity sector in long-term transformation scenarios exist. Developing new methods and applying them for various scenarios, including the well-known Desertec scenario, is the objective of the project. The emphasis lies on the non-technical parts of energy security, especially political risks of dependence and extreme events such as terrorism, areas that are particularly present in the political and societal debates of possible future electricity pathways but are underexposed in the academic discourse.

The PIK leads the work, which is rougly equally split between IIASA (Austria) and PIK.