Climate risk analyses for adaptation planning in sub-Saharan Africa
January 2021 until December 2023
1.800.010 € funded by BMZ:
Christoph Gornott
PIK number / OEH

Many countries recognize enhancing adaptation and increasing resilience as an important component of their responses to climate change, but little guidance on how to operationalize adaptation goals embedded in Sustainable Development (SD) planning exists. The goal of the Agrica_Sahel project is to develop comprehensive climate risk analysis to guide policy- and decision makers in the most vulnerable countries of the Sahel that are increasingly exposed to increasing climate hazards and to accelerate public and private investments for a climate-proof development. Adaptation measures shall be identified and evaluated, whereby special attention will be paid on elaboration of accurately fitting results for planning processes, investment plans and implementations strategies of countries concerned and relevant donating organisations.

PIK contributes to elaboration of the following research products: Climate risk analysis and profiles for the countries of the Sahel. Furthermore, PIK works on comprehensive transnational study for the Sahel region.