Unterstützung des National Institute for Climate Change Studies and Actions
July 2018 until August 2020
433.973 € funded by GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH: BMU, IKI
Jürgen Kropp
PIK number / OEH

As planned, the project is to foster long-term knowledge exchange of Indian climate science as well as exchange and interaction with international leading climate change institutions. The CCD department at PIK as an implementation partner will be majorly responsible for giving advice and technical assistance for the institutionalization of capacities, the identification of potential research areas and scientific studies, as well as forming cooperation partnerships and taking the lead for the creation of an international expert group.

- Advise Indian partners in capacity building activities; - Collaborating with research institutes in India in writing joint proposals and research on climate change; - Engaging Indian research institutes and other stakeholders in the formation of the Indo-International expert group; - Helping to develop public climate change information platform.